Sunday, June 24, 2012

week 3 MUTers #improv

MORE @madeuptheatre fun (on web, facebook, yelpfoursquare, youtube) as we wrapped up our third week of short form improv.

(actually, i did not attend class, so generalissimo bobby sent over a list of the games. thanks!)

past weeks' games ... week 1 over here  (4 games) - acronym-mania, hostage negotiations, chain murder, one eighty five. and week 2 over here (6 games) - blind lines, dime store novel, naive replay, no you didn't, what'd you get, last action hero/joke.

i miss the MUTers! ... i missed week 3's class, therefore, i don't have whatever the "tips" were given during class by fearless leader bobby. in fact, i'll also be missing (week 4) class tonight.  (being on an airplane kinda cramps what improv style i possess, but i'll catch 'em next week.) MEANWHILE, for my improv fix, last night, i did check out the late show of ComedySportz Indianapolis (on web, twitter, facebook, yelp, foursquare). turns out that they are not more than 50 yards from where i'm staying in indianapolis. (nope, i didn't plan that one.) FUN, AMAZING games and AWESOME gibberish/mime talent. loved it! okay, now i'm understanding this short form stuff when played as part of comedysportz. (gotcha!)

5 more games and 3 refreshers ... last sunday was week 3, and thanks in advance to big kahuna bobby, he'll let me know what games will be played this evening for week 4. (NUDGE) and once again, i will live vicariously ... 
RHYME IT - scene game, verbal wit ... a scene is being done. At anytime, the host can blow a whistle and say "rhyme it", and the person who just said something has to say something different - that rhymes with what the player just said, and thus taking the scene in a new direction.  
IRISH DRINKING SONG - singing fun ... given an audience suggestion, players fake irish accents with each singing a line in an ABCB rhyming format; 4 lines make a verse; after so many verses, that's the end of the singing fun.  
LOVE SONG - singing fun ... given a woman's name, her occupation, and a favorite hobby - a clever chorus is created. bobby plays the guitar. and each player sings a line in an ABCB rhyming format; after a verse (4 lines) or verses, the chorus is sang.  
ONE EIGHTY FIVE - fast game/verbal wit ... players line/semi-circle up and one steps up with - "185 *BLANKS* walk into a bar, bartender says "We don't serve *BLANKS,* so the 185 *BLANKS* say something witty/PUNCHLINE. and each player steps up when offering a 185.  
NO YOU DIDN'T - verbal wit ... a suggestion is given, and a player starts off by saying "i kissed a *BLANK (from suggestion)* last night." and other players yell, "no you didn't" . . . then the player replies with something witty/PUNCHLINE.  
LAST ACTION HERO/JOKE - verbal wit ... player mimes that s/he kills someone with the suggestion and says a cheesy "action hero" line associated with that suggestion.  
WORLD'S WORST - verbal wit ... given an audience suggestion, players line/semi-circle up and one steps up with a witty/PUNCHLINE of worst possible way of doing/being what the audience suggested. other suggestions also are asked again of the audience through the playing.  
PICK-UP LINES - verbal wit ... players line/semi-circle up and . . . i forget how this one goes.
just have fun
make bold choices!

Friday, June 22, 2012

inspiring #gcsl

THANKS @greenleafcenter for #servantleadership day 1 of your annual international conference by the greenleaf center for servant leadership (in cooperation with ALP). oddly one of the bestest vacation choices i have made - being inspired, meeting wonderful people, learning more about servant leadership, and as one does ... intense self-reflection and self-awareness.
so many thoughts ... are swirling in my head. it's the morning after day 1, and last night i spent amped up, energized, and pensive - deeply reflecting on many learnings, mini "wow" and "ah ha" moments, and more importantly (for me) continued clarity about anthrocubeology. i thought i would post something last night, however, i spent time reading and reflecting (and actually - mostly reflecting and meditating).

tidbits of day 1 ...  there were many chunky things during the first day of the conference, so just a few highlights that i hope to later follow-up with in some fashion and write about later -
  • world cafe in the morning ... we had one with hundreds of people and it was nifty. two questions posed with the framework of quotes from robert greenleaf. and arla (who i sat next to) shared when we judge others, we don't judeg who they are, we judge who we are.
  • storytelling ... personal servant leadership journey stories from a panel of three speakers - barbara hollace, steve thiry (fond du lac police dept), and tre sanders (@tre_sanders). a few take aways for me included ladder of inference, kiwani's key club (and caring, empathy, sense of humor, realness), and "3 e's" as i'll term them - example, empathy, empowerment. 
  • intercultural competency and recruiting diversification ... while other workshops were offered on personal development, organizational implementation, and faith, i chose a workshop that was part of ALP's offerings, i met erin and tessa of catalystlead with (thanks to tessa and eric for a kick in the arse about anthrocubeology - YES! getting info out there - writing, sharing, writing, etc. - so people can respond. it will help shape and clarify what is brewing. and yes, my friend, tracy s., ALSO has lovingly nudged me.) interesting exercise on feeling and behaving. 
  • afternoon speaker (with storytelling intensity) ... kevin trapani (@kevintrapani) from redwoods group spoke well as he shared about his perspective of servant leadership and on being a servant leader, as well as about his organization. 
  • affinity group meeting ... with 8 to choose from, i attended the greenleaf center academy group meeting. (other group meeting included topics related to health care, business, servant leadership and race, government and public sector, NPOs, virtual servant leadership learning community, and ALP folks.) my instructors - isabel  (for foundations coures) and jeff (for key practices course) - were there, along with other center's faculty members  and other academy students. in this group, i met a member of the USAF and learned something i was not aware of - the intense leadership and professional development opportunities afforded by the air force to their people.
  • reception and book signing ... while i did not attending the book signing (though i will leave with more books), chowed a little cheese, crackers, bread and washed down with a cabernet sauv that i nursed through dinner
  • dinner ... i had the honor and pleasure of sitting with two women (quite impressive) in the usaf and learning about them, their perspectives, their experiences, and their challenges. let me say that i am humbled that i had this opportunity and am glad the gentleman from the affinity group invited me to sit with them. (a very big "thank you!" - what i learned over dinner will shape (is shaping) my pursuing anthrocubeology.)
  • evening speaker ... judy o'bannon - was the first lady of indiana from 1997-2003. very much inspired by her stories and thankful that i had the opportunity to be present to hear her share.
OOPSIE ... i'm running late to get to today's conference!!! gotta cab over from my airbnb mass ave district home away from home. (LOVE IT!) to keep with yesterday's "theme" of pictures - here's my beer offering from lunch - upland IPA (and mini corndogs ... i know. what was i thinking? was tasty, still.) - from loughmiller's pub.
upland IPA, mini corndogs - from loughmiller's pub

for the servant leader's mind: 
if not me, who?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

pre-conf in indy

@greenleafcenter thanks ... for a fabulous pre-conference (workshops) day at this year's annual conference - getting results through servant leadership. and as i have said before, thank you for the wonderful greenleaf academy experience.

about the pre-conference ... quickie about the topics relating (and relaying) servant leadership included implementing in healthcare industry (cases), non-profit capacity building (introduction, in the boardroom, philanthropy, cases), and personal development (both half-day and full day offerings).

my amber pint at ram restaurant 
my pre-conference day ... i attended the morning non-profit capacity building with presenters phil anderson and dr. kent keith. i lunched at the ram restaurant with dr. jeff miller in the afternoon where i sampled (o.k. - i pint-ed) the amber ale. in the afternoon, i attended dr. keith's intro to servant leadership. yes, i realize after my taking the foundations and key practices courses, maybe it may make sense not to attend the intro class, however, i was curious about others who are in the learning and discovery mode, so makes sense to be part of that workshop.

a few notes ... i will follow-up on several references by the presenters and by those attending. some tidbits -

  • expand the "why" (not just how and what)
  • you are theirs as a leader
  • persuasion (not coercion)
  • compassionate emptiness
  • personal development plan (which reminds me of 31 day reset)
  • appreciative inquiry
and as a misheard set of words
(giggle, giggle)
survey monkey
serving monkeys
(and serving monkeys is funnier 
within the context of a conversation 
about anyone's cubeopolis - had to be there, i guess.)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

f|break: boston terrier

you horny dog! ... for max, who hangs out with shiny penny andy, just a video for you to keep in mind as your hormones may rage.

enjoy a doggy fiber break with a horny boston terrier (over here)
for ~ 1:06 min of pokeman humiliation love

Monday, June 18, 2012

REALLY weather in indy?!

REALLY?! ... i'm taking a l'il vacation-ish from the s.f. bay area, and indy is serving me up ~45% - 60% humidity with random sun and not so sunny weather. why you gotta challenge me as i pack for my trip and do laundry? FINE. i'll pack a little more.

vacation-ish ... i'm taking some time away from cubeopolis. and i'll be meeting up with folks from the greenleaf center's annual conference. i'll be hanging out in the mass avenue district (of which i only know about that area from what i'm reading on-line), thanks to a nifty airbnb connection. i don't quite have much planned (yet) other than attending the conference . . . and . . . staying in a neat neighborhood . . . and . . . and playing tourist here and there . . . and having brunch on mass ave at hoaglin . . . and


p.s. ... oh, this evening's recent check on weather just a few updates. 

(still sweating)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

persuasion boot camp me ...

finally @bjfogg (on web) i filled out the little boot camp application. (that wasn't too painful.)

and thanks ... to my 2011(?) secret valentine 2011 for her simple reply message that she sent me this afternoon about her improv debut at the end of this month. i let her know that i was hoping to sign up for a "class" - and if i got in, i might not be back in time to make her improv show IF it started at 8pm or 8:30pm. turns out, her show starts at 9pm.

chance for the class ... for whatever reason, the possibility of getting into the class AND seeing my friend's show all on the same day was FINALLY enough to compel me to fill out the application to the class. (totally unrelated!) well, the possibility would not exist without filling out the form. (right?) OTHERWISE, i may have once again (as i've done in previous months - wtf?) post-poned filling out the little application expressing my interest in bj fogg's persuasion boot camp. (he had me at tiny habits(!) and i've been hooked.)
from grey matter to fingertips ... still in the formulation stage - i filled out my application referencing the a|cubeology label that includes these posts - 

  • totally pondering an idea of share + esteem (or sharesteem) "... an approach about how two people connect and support each other in a kind of equilibrium, influenced by several basics of improv ... and servant leadership ..."
  • still pondering: share what?! ... as i shared my post-morning meditation of my being "... interested in the ONE-on-ONE interactions that spurs those small cultural shifts ..." and a rather wordy idea of moving toward - HOW to BEHAVE in ONE-on-ONE interactions to be the CATALYSTS of POSSIBILITY through SERVANT LEADERSHIP and IMPROV (yeah, i'll work on this a bit more)
  • sharing bigger tidbit that included tidbits of my proposal for a presentation at the upcoming applied improvisation network conference in san francisco.
- and my no-longer-procrastinating, stream-of-consciousness, application-filling-out resulted in my response to why i want to join boot camp - 
"to learn/understand more about behavior (one-on-one, one with many, many with many) within the context of workplace (and workspace) interactions. (i am very interested in one-on-one as the initial framework.) i believe that values, choice, and behaviors are core to positive/productive interactions. meanwhile, i also see/feel a need to understand and address the gap (perceived or real) between the concepts of what defines an organization's culture and whether/how strategic objectives are communicated, reflected, engaged, and influenced by culture."
and as for my ideal outcome a year from now as a result of the training - (abridged / edited) 
"in short, by understanding behavior(s), i can further my anthrocubeology thought process ... without going back to school. i would help individuals be involved in work/vocation that is fulfilling, that serves many, and that addresses/minimizes pettiness in the workplace. anthrocubeology will be recognized as an approach/study that an individual can take (and become) to defining/creating a workplace/workspace that aligns organizational cultural elements with an organization's strategic objectives. i would be able to differentiate this from "corporate anthropology" and other traditional organizational management approaches that focus too much on "management".  my role would be as the founder of anthrocubeology, along with others who share similar perspectives to help individuals (and organizations). outreach would include writing, consulting, speaking, and performance. ... "
yup, that's what flew off my fingertips. go figure. will later learn whether i'll make it into bootcamp. meanwhile, as part of this, also pursuing nexus with improv and servant leadership.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


THANKS @collaredsheep (on web) ... hmmm, maybe i should be thanking cubeopolis, also. (a little tweet of mine was a weekly fave.)

anyway, if you're not familiar with the collared sheep, simply described where sheep tweet ...
"The Collared Sheep is the voice of the cubicle community. We post articles related to the office, corporation, and cubicle lifestyle."
and on their site's about description, they describe why they do what they do ...
"The Collared Sheep’s purpose is to offer you with enough entertainment to get you through those long grueling days of phone calls and Microsoft Office. We hope to provide you with a place to laugh, vent, and maybe even learn something."

everyone can use a little laugh, vent, and tidbits.

weekly favorites ... as one of the many features, each week fun tweets are gathered among the flock and shared with others on their site. check them out over here. all you gotta do is include the hashtag #nftc or  #newsfromthecube. and last week i shared a tweet - on my day off, even. granted i overheard it last wednesday, so it's never too laste to share. 
on the collared sheep over here

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

f|break: dance to pancakes

zoey ... in nurse jackie (on imdb) is kind of a fave character of mine. 
photo: from IMDB
there is something about zoey (played by merritt wever, on imdb, march 2010 movieline interview, interview by the tv chick) that makes me smile. (your turn to smile)

enjoy a fiber break* for breakfast with jackie and zoey
for ~ 56 seconds over pancakes

pancakes make me want to dance

*it has been a relatively LONG time since 
the last fiber break . . . too long!

Monday, June 11, 2012

week 2 MUTers #improv

MORE @madeuptheatre fun (on web, facebook, yelp, foursquare, youtube) as we wrapped up our second week of short form improv.

(4 games we played during week 1 over here - acronym-mania, hostage negotiations, chain murder, one eighty five)

six more games ... after a quick warm-up of interviewing between two players, we had quite a sprinkle of games using verbal wit, listening, scene work, and a l'il bit of guessing ...

  • BLIND LINES - scene game ... everyone playing leaves the room. lines of dialogue are collected from the audience and written on strips of paper that are then strewn around the stage before the players return. the performers do a scene, and every so often, they pick up a strip of paper with a line, read a line, and incorporate it into their scene.
    • Tips:  explore, say exactly what is on paper when you pick it up, don't make line more convoluted- just say it, make bold choices, WANT (!), develop strong relationships, create concise story lines, do scene transitions
  • DIME STORE NOVEL - scene game, give and take of focus ... with four players, one person is the NARRATOR (who  is the writer of the novel), while the remaining three players serve as CHARACTERS for the story/scene. after a first few set-up lines by the narrator, the other players being the scene. the narrator sets up the scene, may set up transitions, keeps the scene going and moving along. characters respond to the narrator's set-up.
    • Tips: make bold choices, characters give and take of focus, give gifts to each other, be mindful of the beat of the story
  • NAIVE REPLAY - scene game, l'il guessing (kinda) ... with four players, one player leaves the room, while the remaining three players do a scene as if the character, who is outside, is in the scene. when the player outside returns, the scene is replayed exactly the same way with the other player stepping into the scene and filling in/responding to the lines
    • Tips: remember your scene, keep dialogue short and concise, set-up a ton of action, guessing player does alot of "yes-sing"
  • NO YOU DIDN'T - verbal wit ... a suggestion is given, and a player starts off by saying "i kissed a *BLANK (from suggestion)* last night." and other players yell, "no you didn't" . . . then the player replies with something witty/PUNCHLINE
    • Tips: think of word association, pun
  • WHAT'D YOU GET? - verbal wit ... a suggestion is given, and a player starts off by saying "i crossed a *BLANK (from suggestion)* with a *BLANK (player's choice)." and the other players yell, "what'd you get?" . . . then the player replies with something witty/PUNCHLINE
    • Tips: think of paired word association to create punchline, pun
  • LAST ACTION HERO/JOKE - verbal wit ... player kills someone with the suggestion and says a cheesy "action hero" line associated with that suggestion.
    • Tips: think of word association, pun
until next week
and more bold choices!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

happy morning ears

podcast me! ... in addition to a few podcast staples for my morning commute, including history of philosophy, wtf with marc maron, and the nerdist, i have just wrapped up what is available for dad and the dude (from british tech network). described as - 
"Ewen and Ellis provide an alternative viewpoint on the world and the inner workings of a young boys mind. ... This is Ellis’ view of the greater world and how it works and affects him. It's not always right to the rest of us, but to Ellis…it makes perfect sense. Each week Ellis chooses what he wants to talk about and we just sit and discuss it. Here are the best bits…"
and again and again ... with only 6 episodes, i've decided i will (re)listen to the episodes because they are quite entertaining, and i can practice having a little british boy accent if such an accent might ever be handy. right?! right.

Monday, June 4, 2012

double-duty #improv

THANKS @madeuptheatre (on webfacebookyelp) for our summertime sundays with you all and with where the fun kids are hangin' out! 

MUT's class of advanced short form improvisers represent!
hello improvisers ... 12 improvisers taking MUT's advanced short form class over the next 8 weeks. and of the 12, 10 improvisers are taking MUT's advanced long form class (also over the next 8 weeks - back-to-back classes, kinda sorta). a fun mixin'-it-up with improvisers from different MUT classes. 

show time ... as we've done before, our "graduation" for each class will be a performance for friends and family wanting to have a little evening fun out in fremont, off of auto mall parkway/osgood road. our performance dates are yet to be determined, therefore, stay tuned for a likely late july (or maybe early august) set of shows. and of course, we'll be performing at made up theatre where MUT's cast (and also class instructors) performs every SATURDAY
meet MUT's Cast - BOBBY, SEAN, DUSTIN, BEN . . .  FUN GUYS!!!

learning us some games ... yes, there are four of us who were part of the previous short form class. in fact, we performed this past may 20 showcasing 8 games (among more than 30 games for which we had learned). during yesterday evening's first advanced short form class taught by bobby, we played 4 games ...

  • ACRONYM-MANIA - verbal wit using scene work ... when an acronym or some combination of letters are called out (e.g., radar, scuba, the, br), each player uses each letter in the order provided as the first letter of the words they speak in their opening sentence or expression. this continues until a new acronym/combo of letters are called out.
    • Tips - put yourself in an environment, avoid getting to caught up
  • HOSTAGE NEGOTIATIONS - a guessing game using listening, scene work, and endowment ... with 4 players, one person left the room. the remaining 3 players were giving a LOCATION, a DEMAND, and a WEAPON. at least one player would be a hostage. another player could be a hostage OR could be an accomplice. and the third player also could be a hostage, accomplice, OR a police officer. the idea is player 4 would come back as the hostage taker and guess his/her location, demand, and weapon. players provide hints to the hostage taker while making sure not to explicitly state where they were, what was wanted by the hostage taker, and what weapon was being wielded. 
    • Tips - super annunciate your words, give progressive (rather than up-front obvious) hints
  • CHAIN MURDER - a guessing game using gibberish + pantomime ... in yesterday's class, we learned chain murder a little differently than in our previous class. yesterday evening - a LOCATION, an OCCUPATION, and a WEAPON were given to 3 players who served to gibber-mime to one person, who would guess the location, occupation, and weapon. meanwhile, in our previous class, we played it like the games clue and telephone. a LOCATION, an OCCUPATION, and a WEAPON were given to one person, while 3 people leave the room. one by one, the guessers come in and received from the one person the clues through pantomime and gibberish. 
    • Tips - the more gibberish, the better
  • ONE EIGHTY FIVE - fast game/verbal wit ... "185 *BLANKS* walk into a bar, bartender says "We don't serve *BLANKS,* so the 185 *BLANKS* say something witty/PUNCHLINE.
    • Tips - think word association, stuff related to a bar, puns

making bold choices 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

nutshell oct '10 - jan '11 ...

NUTSHELL will be recaps at the end of each month.* because of the random order of topics (well ... maybe except for weekend fiber breaks and bonus fiber breaks) i share on this blog, it helps out for my own reminiscing-ish.

october '10 ... shared blogkets (security-blanket-blogs) that i visited, journaling a little about my looking to SHED and CYCCYL, always several fiber breaks and pop culture related posts, just a few cubeopolis posts, several happy place posts, and just a few food related posts.  (time to roll over some food pics from facebook into a little blog post)

november '10 ... shared the blogket that i visited most this month, did a little CYCCYL, joined two efforts beginning in december, had quite a bit of fiber breaks (including several fave comedians) and pop culture moments, a bit of cubeopolis activity, started (re)cubicle (or r|cubicle) for sharing thoughts about returning to cubeopolis after 13 years, several happy place posts, a few food places, and began the visit with me section of nutshell. 

december '10 ... daily posts for reverb10, a few security blogkets, did a little CYCCYL via teleconference workshops, began healthmonth with team CDWL@edi, just a few fiber breaks including SNL bits and nostalgika, not much pop culture, not much cubeopolis except through a few reverb10 posts, several happy places, mini homage to friends, and several visit with me links.

january '11 ... daily posts listed in a mish-mash order. with the new year, quite a bit of getting in the groove for health month, the love project, and my your heart's desire goal setting. also, a new weekly effort of supporting 3 virtual friends as part of blogger bosom buddies (aka B3) - our way of encouraging each other in our inter-webs ventures. a few highlights included having an AWESOME new year's day FMK brunch moment with breakfast buds, seeing rex navarrete's live performance, starting an 8-week improv class, thinking about amy chua's tiger mom book, and my little share about initiating on-line dating contact with younger men. many fiber breaks this month!

* idea take from over here

Saturday, June 2, 2012

#reverb10 december 2010 memories

UPDATE (feb 2011): what was a december 2010 daily reflecting and manifesting is evolving into a monthly reflecting and manifesting. announced in february, gwen bell and cali harris of reverb10 sent out a note saying -
"Hello Reverb Community -

Happy February! We're excited to be reconnecting with the Reverb community. At the beginning of each month, Reverb HQ will send one prompt, several reflect/manifest tools, and any other creative, useful things we come across. We're also back on Twitter, so you can follow us @reverb10."

UPDATE (jan 2011): the december 2010 month long reverb10 wrapped up on december 31. a quick list of my posts is in the december nutshell or just see further below on this page. it was a blast and has certainly (re)energized me to write and to idea generate. also, it has been great to virtually meet a few motivating/inspiring folks - notably yvette, julie, and shannon - as well as to use twitter more and get to learn about the different reverb10 prompt authors

what is reverb10? as described from the website of reverb10:
"Reverb 10 is an annual event and online initiative to reflect on your year and manifest what’s next. The end of the year is an opportunity to reflect on what's happened, and to send out reverberations for the year ahead. With Reverb 10, we'll do both."

#reverb10 ... checkin' it out and supporting all the fabulous people reflecting on 2010 and manifesting 2011 as part of the daily prompts! (my reverb10 moments over here.)

interactive crew ... i signed up and am on a crew where i'm hanging out with ...
... and i'm very excited. (and note to self - #reverb10 will definitely result in my getting a mobile phone where i do not find myself regularly removing/resetting the battery so that i can reboot the phone. good times.)

update: 12/04/10 - i have upgraded to a mobile phone that will allow me to enjoy catching up on #reverb10 moments with the many other wonder people participating. now i can refrain from pulling out the battery to reboot my R.I.P. blackberry.

update: 12/018/10 - getting better with my droid, now that i am getting better using the touch screen,  remembering to use the "share" button for tweets, and adding in the URL pieces of my blog into the autoword dictionary. little timing problem ... cubeopolis day job. i'll incorporate reverb10 breaks best i can.

update: from december nutshell - the 31 topics as follows, in order of each day's author's prompt, and in its only little nutshell/highlight:
  1. one word - reconnect for 2010, enthusiasm for 2011
  2. writing - shiny penny moments
  3. moment - adolfo at los altos art show
  4. wonder - reconnecting and asking why not?
  5. letting go - bye to a gentleman's agreement, hello to creating more space
  6. make - my somewhat perennial cow costume
  7. community - my rave about kit's clean your closet, change your life (or CYCCYL) and looking for 2011 community interested in apprentern, ignorance and knowledge, and environmental professional development
  8. beautifully different - odd bird in
  9. party - breakfast buds
  10. wisdom - write from the heart. my story about a cover transmittal i wrote from stream of consciousness for a position for which i applied
  11. 11 (eleven) things - my list of 11 things to eliminate and how it may change my life
  12. body integration - my experience at my dad's gravesite
  13. action - thoughts about launching environmental professional development
  14. appreciate - my friendship with shiny penny andy
  15. 5 minutes - capturing those 2010 moments to remember
  16. friendship - silver lining friendships preferred. my take on the friendship spectrum (zip-it, bring it on, zip & bring & zip & bring (rinse, repeat) and on my click-it, pause button, check-in approach
  17. lesson learned - saying step aside to mischief-speak and hello to forthright-speak
  18. try - my declaration to have a healthier lifestyle where i stop paying pharmaceuticals for my bad eating and inactivity habits
  19. healing - becoming more involved in things i really enjoy
  20. beyond avoidance - getting my personal and business finances together
  21. future self - a note from me to the me of 5 years from now and to the me of 10 years ago
  22. travel - how and where i have and want to travel
  23. new name - silvia (with a "y") ramirez story
  24. everything's o.k. - story about connectedness via an email exchange with a woman in whose words from a film brought me to tears
  25. photo - story behind the pic of piragua and me jumping as part of our flat emma jaunt around the SF bay with joel (the photog)
  26. soul food - baked egg en cazeuela
  27. ordinary joy - my friend sci-fi guy on the phone call and lunch
  28. achieve - be speechless. this post includes a list of 10 things for 2011 to bring on a "speechless" moment ... tv appearances (funny host talk show, dr. who, reality tv show judge), philanthropist ponies up pennies for me to promote my passion, engagement, president obama moment with my epiphany, old friend random run-in, hear an angel(s) speak to me, billboard moment, vermont leaf-peeping adventure.
  29. defining moment - talk-to-the-hand february 2011 moment that has shaped me
  30. gift - glee gum
  31. core story - i value family & friends . i make lists and mindmap . i reflect, am introspective, and expressive in writing. also a few lessons learned - think twice, be thankful everyday, don't make assumptions - be kind, reach out - there's a hug fest out there)
thank you reverb10!

Friday, June 1, 2012

cubeopolis explained

what (or where) is cubeopolis?
cubeopolis is my term of endearment for a government job - quite the contrary to how i spent nearly 13 years of my life prior to heading to cubeopolis. within one week of rejoining a more traditional work setting, i threw my thoughts down. a friend had told me about her husband's re-entry into the traditional workforce under similar circumstances - he owned his own business for many years. she said it was still taking him time (already a year and counting) to acclimate. so, so true! (and my thoughts continue to evolve)

what is cubealabras?
cubealabras is my term of endearment for the mash-up of the words cubicle (Eng.) and palabras (Sp.).
  • def: cubicle (n) - kyü-bi-kəl ... a small partitioned area where work (and some frivolity) is conducted.
  • def: palabras (n) - pä-ˈlä-vräs ... words
the work-in-progress cubealabras dictionary can be found in these posts. and here are all posts tagged cubeopolis.

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