Monday, June 4, 2012

double-duty #improv

THANKS @madeuptheatre (on webfacebookyelp) for our summertime sundays with you all and with where the fun kids are hangin' out! 

MUT's class of advanced short form improvisers represent!
hello improvisers ... 12 improvisers taking MUT's advanced short form class over the next 8 weeks. and of the 12, 10 improvisers are taking MUT's advanced long form class (also over the next 8 weeks - back-to-back classes, kinda sorta). a fun mixin'-it-up with improvisers from different MUT classes. 

show time ... as we've done before, our "graduation" for each class will be a performance for friends and family wanting to have a little evening fun out in fremont, off of auto mall parkway/osgood road. our performance dates are yet to be determined, therefore, stay tuned for a likely late july (or maybe early august) set of shows. and of course, we'll be performing at made up theatre where MUT's cast (and also class instructors) performs every SATURDAY
meet MUT's Cast - BOBBY, SEAN, DUSTIN, BEN . . .  FUN GUYS!!!

learning us some games ... yes, there are four of us who were part of the previous short form class. in fact, we performed this past may 20 showcasing 8 games (among more than 30 games for which we had learned). during yesterday evening's first advanced short form class taught by bobby, we played 4 games ...

  • ACRONYM-MANIA - verbal wit using scene work ... when an acronym or some combination of letters are called out (e.g., radar, scuba, the, br), each player uses each letter in the order provided as the first letter of the words they speak in their opening sentence or expression. this continues until a new acronym/combo of letters are called out.
    • Tips - put yourself in an environment, avoid getting to caught up
  • HOSTAGE NEGOTIATIONS - a guessing game using listening, scene work, and endowment ... with 4 players, one person left the room. the remaining 3 players were giving a LOCATION, a DEMAND, and a WEAPON. at least one player would be a hostage. another player could be a hostage OR could be an accomplice. and the third player also could be a hostage, accomplice, OR a police officer. the idea is player 4 would come back as the hostage taker and guess his/her location, demand, and weapon. players provide hints to the hostage taker while making sure not to explicitly state where they were, what was wanted by the hostage taker, and what weapon was being wielded. 
    • Tips - super annunciate your words, give progressive (rather than up-front obvious) hints
  • CHAIN MURDER - a guessing game using gibberish + pantomime ... in yesterday's class, we learned chain murder a little differently than in our previous class. yesterday evening - a LOCATION, an OCCUPATION, and a WEAPON were given to 3 players who served to gibber-mime to one person, who would guess the location, occupation, and weapon. meanwhile, in our previous class, we played it like the games clue and telephone. a LOCATION, an OCCUPATION, and a WEAPON were given to one person, while 3 people leave the room. one by one, the guessers come in and received from the one person the clues through pantomime and gibberish. 
    • Tips - the more gibberish, the better
  • ONE EIGHTY FIVE - fast game/verbal wit ... "185 *BLANKS* walk into a bar, bartender says "We don't serve *BLANKS,* so the 185 *BLANKS* say something witty/PUNCHLINE.
    • Tips - think word association, stuff related to a bar, puns

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