Thursday, June 7, 2012

happy morning ears

podcast me! ... in addition to a few podcast staples for my morning commute, including history of philosophy, wtf with marc maron, and the nerdist, i have just wrapped up what is available for dad and the dude (from british tech network). described as - 
"Ewen and Ellis provide an alternative viewpoint on the world and the inner workings of a young boys mind. ... This is Ellis’ view of the greater world and how it works and affects him. It's not always right to the rest of us, but to Ellis…it makes perfect sense. Each week Ellis chooses what he wants to talk about and we just sit and discuss it. Here are the best bits…"
and again and again ... with only 6 episodes, i've decided i will (re)listen to the episodes because they are quite entertaining, and i can practice having a little british boy accent if such an accent might ever be handy. right?! right.

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