Sunday, June 24, 2012

week 3 MUTers #improv

MORE @madeuptheatre fun (on web, facebook, yelpfoursquare, youtube) as we wrapped up our third week of short form improv.

(actually, i did not attend class, so generalissimo bobby sent over a list of the games. thanks!)

past weeks' games ... week 1 over here  (4 games) - acronym-mania, hostage negotiations, chain murder, one eighty five. and week 2 over here (6 games) - blind lines, dime store novel, naive replay, no you didn't, what'd you get, last action hero/joke.

i miss the MUTers! ... i missed week 3's class, therefore, i don't have whatever the "tips" were given during class by fearless leader bobby. in fact, i'll also be missing (week 4) class tonight.  (being on an airplane kinda cramps what improv style i possess, but i'll catch 'em next week.) MEANWHILE, for my improv fix, last night, i did check out the late show of ComedySportz Indianapolis (on web, twitter, facebook, yelp, foursquare). turns out that they are not more than 50 yards from where i'm staying in indianapolis. (nope, i didn't plan that one.) FUN, AMAZING games and AWESOME gibberish/mime talent. loved it! okay, now i'm understanding this short form stuff when played as part of comedysportz. (gotcha!)

5 more games and 3 refreshers ... last sunday was week 3, and thanks in advance to big kahuna bobby, he'll let me know what games will be played this evening for week 4. (NUDGE) and once again, i will live vicariously ... 
RHYME IT - scene game, verbal wit ... a scene is being done. At anytime, the host can blow a whistle and say "rhyme it", and the person who just said something has to say something different - that rhymes with what the player just said, and thus taking the scene in a new direction.  
IRISH DRINKING SONG - singing fun ... given an audience suggestion, players fake irish accents with each singing a line in an ABCB rhyming format; 4 lines make a verse; after so many verses, that's the end of the singing fun.  
LOVE SONG - singing fun ... given a woman's name, her occupation, and a favorite hobby - a clever chorus is created. bobby plays the guitar. and each player sings a line in an ABCB rhyming format; after a verse (4 lines) or verses, the chorus is sang.  
ONE EIGHTY FIVE - fast game/verbal wit ... players line/semi-circle up and one steps up with - "185 *BLANKS* walk into a bar, bartender says "We don't serve *BLANKS,* so the 185 *BLANKS* say something witty/PUNCHLINE. and each player steps up when offering a 185.  
NO YOU DIDN'T - verbal wit ... a suggestion is given, and a player starts off by saying "i kissed a *BLANK (from suggestion)* last night." and other players yell, "no you didn't" . . . then the player replies with something witty/PUNCHLINE.  
LAST ACTION HERO/JOKE - verbal wit ... player mimes that s/he kills someone with the suggestion and says a cheesy "action hero" line associated with that suggestion.  
WORLD'S WORST - verbal wit ... given an audience suggestion, players line/semi-circle up and one steps up with a witty/PUNCHLINE of worst possible way of doing/being what the audience suggested. other suggestions also are asked again of the audience through the playing.  
PICK-UP LINES - verbal wit ... players line/semi-circle up and . . . i forget how this one goes.
just have fun
make bold choices!

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