Thursday, June 14, 2012

persuasion boot camp me ...

finally @bjfogg (on web) i filled out the little boot camp application. (that wasn't too painful.)

and thanks ... to my 2011(?) secret valentine 2011 for her simple reply message that she sent me this afternoon about her improv debut at the end of this month. i let her know that i was hoping to sign up for a "class" - and if i got in, i might not be back in time to make her improv show IF it started at 8pm or 8:30pm. turns out, her show starts at 9pm.

chance for the class ... for whatever reason, the possibility of getting into the class AND seeing my friend's show all on the same day was FINALLY enough to compel me to fill out the application to the class. (totally unrelated!) well, the possibility would not exist without filling out the form. (right?) OTHERWISE, i may have once again (as i've done in previous months - wtf?) post-poned filling out the little application expressing my interest in bj fogg's persuasion boot camp. (he had me at tiny habits(!) and i've been hooked.)
from grey matter to fingertips ... still in the formulation stage - i filled out my application referencing the a|cubeology label that includes these posts - 

  • totally pondering an idea of share + esteem (or sharesteem) "... an approach about how two people connect and support each other in a kind of equilibrium, influenced by several basics of improv ... and servant leadership ..."
  • still pondering: share what?! ... as i shared my post-morning meditation of my being "... interested in the ONE-on-ONE interactions that spurs those small cultural shifts ..." and a rather wordy idea of moving toward - HOW to BEHAVE in ONE-on-ONE interactions to be the CATALYSTS of POSSIBILITY through SERVANT LEADERSHIP and IMPROV (yeah, i'll work on this a bit more)
  • sharing bigger tidbit that included tidbits of my proposal for a presentation at the upcoming applied improvisation network conference in san francisco.
- and my no-longer-procrastinating, stream-of-consciousness, application-filling-out resulted in my response to why i want to join boot camp - 
"to learn/understand more about behavior (one-on-one, one with many, many with many) within the context of workplace (and workspace) interactions. (i am very interested in one-on-one as the initial framework.) i believe that values, choice, and behaviors are core to positive/productive interactions. meanwhile, i also see/feel a need to understand and address the gap (perceived or real) between the concepts of what defines an organization's culture and whether/how strategic objectives are communicated, reflected, engaged, and influenced by culture."
and as for my ideal outcome a year from now as a result of the training - (abridged / edited) 
"in short, by understanding behavior(s), i can further my anthrocubeology thought process ... without going back to school. i would help individuals be involved in work/vocation that is fulfilling, that serves many, and that addresses/minimizes pettiness in the workplace. anthrocubeology will be recognized as an approach/study that an individual can take (and become) to defining/creating a workplace/workspace that aligns organizational cultural elements with an organization's strategic objectives. i would be able to differentiate this from "corporate anthropology" and other traditional organizational management approaches that focus too much on "management".  my role would be as the founder of anthrocubeology, along with others who share similar perspectives to help individuals (and organizations). outreach would include writing, consulting, speaking, and performance. ... "
yup, that's what flew off my fingertips. go figure. will later learn whether i'll make it into bootcamp. meanwhile, as part of this, also pursuing nexus with improv and servant leadership.

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