Friday, June 22, 2012

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THANKS @greenleafcenter for #servantleadership day 1 of your annual international conference by the greenleaf center for servant leadership (in cooperation with ALP). oddly one of the bestest vacation choices i have made - being inspired, meeting wonderful people, learning more about servant leadership, and as one does ... intense self-reflection and self-awareness.
so many thoughts ... are swirling in my head. it's the morning after day 1, and last night i spent amped up, energized, and pensive - deeply reflecting on many learnings, mini "wow" and "ah ha" moments, and more importantly (for me) continued clarity about anthrocubeology. i thought i would post something last night, however, i spent time reading and reflecting (and actually - mostly reflecting and meditating).

tidbits of day 1 ...  there were many chunky things during the first day of the conference, so just a few highlights that i hope to later follow-up with in some fashion and write about later -
  • world cafe in the morning ... we had one with hundreds of people and it was nifty. two questions posed with the framework of quotes from robert greenleaf. and arla (who i sat next to) shared when we judge others, we don't judeg who they are, we judge who we are.
  • storytelling ... personal servant leadership journey stories from a panel of three speakers - barbara hollace, steve thiry (fond du lac police dept), and tre sanders (@tre_sanders). a few take aways for me included ladder of inference, kiwani's key club (and caring, empathy, sense of humor, realness), and "3 e's" as i'll term them - example, empathy, empowerment. 
  • intercultural competency and recruiting diversification ... while other workshops were offered on personal development, organizational implementation, and faith, i chose a workshop that was part of ALP's offerings, i met erin and tessa of catalystlead with (thanks to tessa and eric for a kick in the arse about anthrocubeology - YES! getting info out there - writing, sharing, writing, etc. - so people can respond. it will help shape and clarify what is brewing. and yes, my friend, tracy s., ALSO has lovingly nudged me.) interesting exercise on feeling and behaving. 
  • afternoon speaker (with storytelling intensity) ... kevin trapani (@kevintrapani) from redwoods group spoke well as he shared about his perspective of servant leadership and on being a servant leader, as well as about his organization. 
  • affinity group meeting ... with 8 to choose from, i attended the greenleaf center academy group meeting. (other group meeting included topics related to health care, business, servant leadership and race, government and public sector, NPOs, virtual servant leadership learning community, and ALP folks.) my instructors - isabel  (for foundations coures) and jeff (for key practices course) - were there, along with other center's faculty members  and other academy students. in this group, i met a member of the USAF and learned something i was not aware of - the intense leadership and professional development opportunities afforded by the air force to their people.
  • reception and book signing ... while i did not attending the book signing (though i will leave with more books), chowed a little cheese, crackers, bread and washed down with a cabernet sauv that i nursed through dinner
  • dinner ... i had the honor and pleasure of sitting with two women (quite impressive) in the usaf and learning about them, their perspectives, their experiences, and their challenges. let me say that i am humbled that i had this opportunity and am glad the gentleman from the affinity group invited me to sit with them. (a very big "thank you!" - what i learned over dinner will shape (is shaping) my pursuing anthrocubeology.)
  • evening speaker ... judy o'bannon - was the first lady of indiana from 1997-2003. very much inspired by her stories and thankful that i had the opportunity to be present to hear her share.
OOPSIE ... i'm running late to get to today's conference!!! gotta cab over from my airbnb mass ave district home away from home. (LOVE IT!) to keep with yesterday's "theme" of pictures - here's my beer offering from lunch - upland IPA (and mini corndogs ... i know. what was i thinking? was tasty, still.) - from loughmiller's pub.
upland IPA, mini corndogs - from loughmiller's pub

for the servant leader's mind: 
if not me, who?

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