Wednesday, June 13, 2012


THANKS @collaredsheep (on web) ... hmmm, maybe i should be thanking cubeopolis, also. (a little tweet of mine was a weekly fave.)

anyway, if you're not familiar with the collared sheep, simply described where sheep tweet ...
"The Collared Sheep is the voice of the cubicle community. We post articles related to the office, corporation, and cubicle lifestyle."
and on their site's about description, they describe why they do what they do ...
"The Collared Sheep’s purpose is to offer you with enough entertainment to get you through those long grueling days of phone calls and Microsoft Office. We hope to provide you with a place to laugh, vent, and maybe even learn something."

everyone can use a little laugh, vent, and tidbits.

weekly favorites ... as one of the many features, each week fun tweets are gathered among the flock and shared with others on their site. check them out over here. all you gotta do is include the hashtag #nftc or  #newsfromthecube. and last week i shared a tweet - on my day off, even. granted i overheard it last wednesday, so it's never too laste to share. 
on the collared sheep over here

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