Thursday, June 21, 2012

pre-conf in indy

@greenleafcenter thanks ... for a fabulous pre-conference (workshops) day at this year's annual conference - getting results through servant leadership. and as i have said before, thank you for the wonderful greenleaf academy experience.

about the pre-conference ... quickie about the topics relating (and relaying) servant leadership included implementing in healthcare industry (cases), non-profit capacity building (introduction, in the boardroom, philanthropy, cases), and personal development (both half-day and full day offerings).

my amber pint at ram restaurant 
my pre-conference day ... i attended the morning non-profit capacity building with presenters phil anderson and dr. kent keith. i lunched at the ram restaurant with dr. jeff miller in the afternoon where i sampled (o.k. - i pint-ed) the amber ale. in the afternoon, i attended dr. keith's intro to servant leadership. yes, i realize after my taking the foundations and key practices courses, maybe it may make sense not to attend the intro class, however, i was curious about others who are in the learning and discovery mode, so makes sense to be part of that workshop.

a few notes ... i will follow-up on several references by the presenters and by those attending. some tidbits -

  • expand the "why" (not just how and what)
  • you are theirs as a leader
  • persuasion (not coercion)
  • compassionate emptiness
  • personal development plan (which reminds me of 31 day reset)
  • appreciative inquiry
and as a misheard set of words
(giggle, giggle)
survey monkey
serving monkeys
(and serving monkeys is funnier 
within the context of a conversation 
about anyone's cubeopolis - had to be there, i guess.)

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