Tuesday, December 20, 2011

deep thoughts in class paper

@jeffmiller79, THANKS MUCH 
for your inspiration and support!

"for now, i choose the petri dish:
unwritten rules and alphabet soup"
such is my affectionately titled class paper for my greenleaf academy course (more here), applying the key practices of servant leadership (related posts over here). and while writing my paper, i revisited quotes that i've kept around to ponder. one of them -
"The greater part of our knowledge and beliefs
has been communicated to us by other people 
through the medium of a language
which others have created."
- Albert Einstein

i have batted around lots of ideas since my '94 epiphany, and in this class, i connected a bunch of dots in my head and unearthed from my grey matter the following -

... I intend to explore the use of language – written, verbal, artistic expression – to affect workplace satisfaction. Three topic areas that I am pursuing include:
  • systems - while being mindful of the value of foresight, the goals of rethinking complexity, and similar ideas, increasing my understanding of and making more accessible systems theory; 
  • storytellingthrough my creation of anthrocubeology (i.e., a web-based format for story-telling workplace possibilities and alternatives), express ideas about approaches for catalyzing cultural shifts through reflection and self-awareness; and
  • philosophy – by bringing together servant leadership and my other interest in the epistemology of knowledge and ignorance, develop my voice about my belief of a person’s ability to make a difference through our connectedness.
    deep, thoughtful "stuff" came out (and continues to come out) of my writing as inspired by my greenleaf experiences.
    "If you try to find meaning in everything you do, 
    you will imbue everything you do with meaning."
    - James Autry

    thanks again, jeff!
    (near finish line!)

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