Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas (to me)


yup, today i'm santa ... that whole self-gifting thing? i'm in! (it's also known as treating myself.) my gift of choice?

it started this past monday with louis c.k. (over here) and it's continuing through january and february at sf's sketchfest.
not-so-good news ... i felt IT coming on, so i'm making use of acetaminophen (aka tylenol), tissue (aka kleenex), sleep, tea, water, and comfort food. missing christmas mass and social/fun at my ninang's place (aka LOTS o' food and love!).

good news ... celebrated christmas with family yesterday - christmas eve lunch, dinner, karaoke, and watching the more skillful niece + nephew on xbox.

couch-potato news ... now it's time to distribute my mini new-found wealth before getting ready to pay for taxes (yes, i'm also practical). although a little late on the take and missing out on already sold-out shows, SO FAR, i have laughter-gifted as follows -
... and still contemplating other laughter moments! meanwhile, gonna listen to the nerdist podcast with david tennant over here ('cuz we likes us some david tennant over here) while i couch-potato some more.

merry christmas
ho ho ho

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