Thursday, December 22, 2011

f|break: thurs morning

comedy ... thanks @chrisrock (on twitter, web, facebook) for your explicit and uncensored commentary on women, men, and lies. after the waistband on my tights were racing down toward my crotch during a reunion (more than 20 years since seeing folks!) dinner, i whined like a sissy-girl lamented about the sh**yness of it all discomfort of the fallen waistband and a not-so-sporty muffin top look. and then i remembered one of your sets.

why this chris rock clip? after the i-ate-two-desserts-at-buca-di-beppo reunion dinner (not to mention the sampling of appetizer, salad, 2 pastas, and entree) and continued believing i looked lady-like and no one saw me trying to get rid of my fashionable muffin top fidgeting,  pho queen and kuyawar at the reunion dinner said one word - spanx (the wonder invention over here) (are you reading this, santa?).

(side bar: just a l'il spanx quandry(-ish) - the other question that arose -  
when on a date, how do i deal with the peeling off  of spanx without grunting? 
hmmm ... guess i should first get a date to have the quandry.)

enjoy an UNCENSORED fiber break with chris rock (over here)
for ~ 6:46 min EXPLICIT perspectives on women and men

on men ... "food, sex, silence ... lie the most ... lie all the time ..."
on women ... "you're meetin' their representative ... tell the biggest lie ..."

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