Sunday, December 11, 2011

MBTI me as ENFP ...

on wordle
... because i've already gone to the dogs and DISC'd (over here) - a czesky terrier with a "weird hairy undercarriage" and high D (dominance) and I (influence).

wordle ... and now i'm getting all wordle crazy and nutty. VERY wordle crazy!

MBTI or myers-briggs type indicator (on wiki) was recently part of a cubeopolis team building, day-long training. and the results of my 2011 MBTI (image to the left) were in the moderate range and are as follows:
  • Extraversion ... where i focus my attention - preference for drawing energy from the outside world of people, activities, and things (rather than introversion - from one's inner world or ideas, emotions, and impressions)
  • on wordle
  • iNtuition ... the way i take in information - preference for taking information through a "sixth sense" and noticing what might be (rather than sensing through the five senses and noticing what is actual)
  • Feeling ... the way i make decisions - preference for organizing and structuring information to decide in a personal, values-based way (rather than thinking for organizing and structuring information to decide in a logical, objective way)
  • on wordle
  • Perceiving ... how i deal with the outer world - preference for living a spontaneous and flexible life (rather than for living a planned and organized life)
in the early 90s, i also went through myers-briggs; i was quite on the high end of ENFP across the board.  now, more than a decade later, i'm a kind of ENFP-lite. a few descriptions can be found at -
on wordle

then there is temperament ... keirsey provides an overview of four temperaments over here.  in the terms of keirsey, the NF temperament is described as idealists (among the other three which are described as guardians, artisans, and rationals), and as an abstract cooperators. more about the ENFP temperament over here for the idealist portrait of the champion.

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