Monday, November 21, 2011

f|break: monday morn

on twitter
comedy ... @jasonsegel (on imdb) rocked an infauxmercial on SNL this weekend! and he can rock my bed (PG-13-ish) as evidenced by the kemper-pedic infauxmercial - 
"Are you and your partner on different sleep schedules? With a Kemper Pedic Me Time mattress, your sound asleep partner won't feel you just inches away." 
- which then, because of his reference to exercising in bed - reminded me of yet another funfauxmercial!

enjoy a morning fiber break with jason segel and vanessa bayer (on imdb) (over here)
for ~ 1:43 min with the patented me time mattress
... without any of that weird squeaking
i know! what was that?

BONUS ... added fiber for getting physically fit (over here)
for ~ 2:36 minutes with jimmy kimmel (on web, youtube, twitter) and the tug toner

(oopsie! peed in m'pants)

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