Monday, November 14, 2011

curbside chat, zaza, grits

YUM! ... @brownsugarkitch, @eco_smiley and shirlnutkin (aka banshee) had a great sunday breakfast at oakland's brown sugar kitchen (on web, yelp, facebook, twitter, youtube). worth the wait with a curbside chat, caffeine, oatmeal currant cookie, and comfy zazas!
(i know, i know ... 
but i had to sneak in 

side bar ... of course, while waiting to hear "banshee" yelled, posting a pic or two on facebook (right?) is kind of a must. loved this comment - 
"careful someone might drop some coins in the cup
thinking you are begging to support your shoe habit!"
(BRAVO, pipes man!!!)

back to food stuff ... i likes make love covet me my grits (as shared in last year's post, for which there are other restaurants i'll need to add to the grits offering in the bay area). this morning was no different, and piragua also had her share of grits.
organic cheddar cheese grits w/poached egg,
bacon-cheddar-scallion biscuit,
veggie quiche (incl. portabello mushroom),
chicken apple sausage, more grits,
and one word: 

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