Saturday, November 12, 2011

fluegasm me (ERRATA) ...

forgive me? ... @fluevog, i miscounted. one of my vigilant fluevog iv sistahs noted that on nov 9, when i posted (over here) what i thought were my 22 pairs ... i missed one. oopsie - 23. (a prime number is good!) 

short version ... love fluevog (on web, twitter, facebook, youtube) and my feet love fluevog. (and j-ro's feel love fluevog; here's j-ro's confessions of a vog-aholic!)

ERRATA via update/repost ... one of my fluevog iv sistahs has demanded a re-post. i shall oblige.  i offer this updated version of my previous post to j-ro (fluevog iv watcher) with the added missing pair.

ahhh ... it's all about @fluevog shoes or shall i call them feet enhancers? last year i posted about my growing collection over here
post about the 13 pairs over here

where 13 really are the 12 in the image below
PLUS the black operetta | malibran pair
(up above with the cross-over straps, aka the operetta | malibran)
and let's not forget a couple of accessories -

and because one or two of the fluevog iv
(more about the fluevog iv over here)
 has asked for an update of my shoes
(fluevog iv pictured here at the SF haight street store with our flue-daddies: jim and denny) 

L to R: shirlnutkin, dorothy, jim, gladys, joanne, denny

this is my update.
since my july 2010 purchase of the rubens,
here are the additional 8 ...?! oopsie! 9
for which i believe is the order that i purchased them
(although i have been known to do "clearly i am addicted group" purchases)

and here is some fun with my adrians | alli


(yes, jim, i kinda cheated on you.
got the certitude boots when i was at the melrose store.
a kind of happy birthday (again) to me pair. i still puffy heart you!!!)

j-ro perspective: Btw - I'm okay if you cheated in LA... 
as long as you remember that 
Jim and Denny are the Flue-daddies you come home to at night:)

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  1. Okay, out of the 4 four, which Fluevog personality do I portray? Am I the player? Since I wear many different pairs but always return to my Fluevogs (specifically, my Wickeds)? Hee hee. Great post and great catch on J's part!


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