Monday, October 4, 2010

hipmtfn: they are fluevogs, thank you...



while i'm un-do-looping via SHED'n and CYCCYL'n, i get to remind myself how much i LOVE-LOVE-LOVE my fluevogs! visit the fluevog website over here. perhaps take 10 minutes to watch a video over here of the creation miracles | cana.

my first two pairs ... in 2008, a friend of mine and i left work, arriving at the haight street location (awesome service!), with enough time to spare, so i could covet my first 2 pairs - kathy and malibran. (my friend bought a very cute pair of malibrans - olive green with orange stitching). after showing off my kathys to a colleague at work, she mentioned she had a friend with more than 20 pairs (easily) of fluevogs. "OUTRAGEOUS!!!" i thought. 13 pairs to date ... well, i get it. outrageous? not-so-much.
i am hooked. been hooked.
(and MANY THANKS to Jenee G.
for 2 pairs and fun conversation at mr. and mrs. miscellaneous!)

oh! and aside from a shoe horn
(which is a must for all shoes and boots) ...
... my second fluevog accessory - eddie weekend bag.


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