Saturday, October 2, 2010

hipmtfn: un-do-looping with my pencil holder ...

last sunday i declared that i am moving past the do-loops. i've been SHED'n and CYCCYL'n ... and having crazy fun with renewing myself, reconnecting with others, and seeing what pops up around the corner.

meanwhile, i'll soon post* about my pencil holder
(which currently sits in cubeopolis).
my little, wooden, square,
more than 15 years old, 4-inch-ish tall pencil holder.
the one i fished out of a box-o-stuff the
day after a CYCCYL moment with kit.
(shhhh. our secret, for now ... of course, kit didn't know that back then.)
* thanks, kit, for the inspiration!

1 comment:

  1. Hey, Shirl. I love this! A little sweet altar to the pencil holder that you just couldn't part with!

    xoxoxox Kit


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