Wednesday, October 20, 2010

keeping it fair for both sexes

i had no idea, and now i do.
turns out these products are EEO. go figure!

spanx me? ... no spanx for me, however, i do own one pair (or two) of assets ('cuz i loves me my target store bargains!) - same enough, eh? the story of sara blakely & spanx is awesome. nevertheless ... really? man spanx? YUP! REALLY!

stadium gal? ... i first heard about stadium pal from a david sedaris story (over here and see video below).

whoops! looks like the market has changed since david's story-telling moment.

with the stadium gal, women can pee into the Female Urinary Pouch, with it being "totally discrete, completely hidden beneath loose fitting jeans or pants (use your best judgement)". really? stadium gal? YUP! REALLY!
bonus - sedaris reading on david letterman.

"knowing that no sensible female would ever

voluntarily choose to pee in her pants ... "

"In an open-air sporting arena, a piping-hot thirty-four-ounce bag of urine
might go unnoticed, but not so in a ..."

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