Sunday, October 17, 2010

f|back (jan '06): celebrating after yesterday's garage sale

flashback from 2006 (aka old blog posts) ... i am realizing a garage sale or donating my stuff is in my future, as i am going through my current year 2010 julie morgenstern-ing SHEDn and kit cole-ing CYCCYLn. thanks to old blog posts, i am reminded that on saturday, jan 14, 2006 (back in san diego), a few things happened - i wrote my first blog post (re)declaring i would be relocating from san diego to the bay area, i had a garage sale and went to dinner (at the was-open-back-then parallel 33) with my neighbors matt and marlena, i chatted and hugged garry (my landlord), and i pet scud (the dog - who later lost his battle with cancer). below are posts from those memories ...

(repost from 01/15/06)

GARAGE SALE FUNYesterday (Saturday), our little compound had a garage sale - which was preceded by the garage clean out on Friday. Matt, Garry, Scud (an awesome bassador) and I sifted through "lots o' stuff". (That's Garry with Scud.)

The garage has served as a fine haven and a functional office annex for files, office supplies, reference books, and office equipment. Moreover, the garage has served to perpetuate my packrat nature (with my 1,000+ sq. ft home office also contributing to my tchotchke paradise). With three other neighbors sharing access and storage to the garage, the challenge was met to organize and winnow the contents. (In the early spring, I will be contributing more "stuff" at the neighborhood's garage sale day. Meanwhile, the purging process has begun.)

AN APPETITE TO SPARE ... Saturday's garage sale was well worth the effort. Afterwards, Matt, Marlena (Matt's wife), and I used some of the proceeds for a great dinner at the nearby Parallel 33. By the way, when in San Diego, Parallel 33 is a “must” dining experience. The food is so tasty, and the service is wonderful. Just adjacent to Parallel 33 is a slightly nondescript blue building, which houses Blue Lotus - essentially the sister restaurant/lounge to Parallel 33 - same menu, different atmosphere. Totally check it out!

(repost from 01/30/06)
Just a little place on the web
to say "bye" to Scud ...

he's the bassador (basset hound / lab mix) that lived downstairs with Matt & Marlena, and every once in a while, he hung out in my office. Bye Scud ... !

lovin' the memories!

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