Sunday, October 31, 2010

f|break: sunday morning

oh-two-one-three-four - send it to ZOOM! ... yesterday's fiber break with the electric company (over here) totally reminded me of bernadette and ZOOM!
    bernadette and her arm thing ... my brother and i did that "arm thing", we loved singing the tune, and i remember thinking - "wow! there's an asian girl on t.v." and "zip codes can start with zero?!" who's bernadette and what was ZOOM all about when i was growing up (back in the 70's). (little crush on luis and david, and i wanted to jam with jay!)

    enjoy this morn's fiber break
    with the season 2 zoom cast (over here)

    "... come on and zooma, zooma, zomma zoom ...
    come on give it a try ... we are gonna teach you to fly high ..."

    just a few dots connected but connected nonetheless ... facebook bliss, electric company, zoom, back-track south park ... and forward-track checkers & pogo (another fiber break)

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