Monday, October 18, 2010

an east coast visit to diva is long past due

began my 2007 virgin-leaf-peeping vacation in northampton hanging out with diva ... did a little dining, dishing, drinking, and (re)decorating. enjoyed a fab italian din with a bottle of fulignano sangiovese di toscana 2004. and had a few v-one vodka drinks (meh) while watching playoff baseball. fun times. and before 2007, met up with diva in 2004 in boston during a wicked snowstorm (nor'easter) ... dining, dishing, drinking, and shivering, so we managed to warm up at flash's, which was around the corner from the hotel i was staying (awesome find). did get to catch the museum of fine arts gaugin tahiti exhibit (fabulous).
yup! i'm past due.
miss you, diva!

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