Saturday, October 30, 2010

f|break: saturday morning

the electric company ... was a fun childhood t.v. show!!! and i was reminded of the show after seeing on a f/b person's post where she said "... one of those nights where i can't get to sleep so i have to dance around to this video. again. and again. and again. it's chill. don't worry about it. and yes, i posted this video a year ago. i'll post it as many times as i want. are you the posting police? SHA!" i'd love to dance and sing with her!

enjoy your fiber break
with the electric company's
the menu song (over here)
(with rita moreno and morgan freeman)

Man: What kind of ice cream?
Waitress: All kinds of ice cream. We got plum and rum and bubble-gum, We got prune, balloon and macaroon, We got grape and ape and scotch tape, We got lime and grime and chocolate slime, Sasparilla, manzanilla, caterpillar And, of course, there's just plain old-fashioned gorilla. What'll it be?
Man: Let's forget about it, lady. I'll just trot on over here to the laundromat and have myself a bowl of soap flakes.
aitress: Did you hear that?

want more?
a l'il stroll down memory lane
for more tunes!
(over here)

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