Sunday, October 10, 2010

time management and then some, eh?

80 20 ... while catching up on reading blogs that i've follow (aka blogs i have listed on my google reader), i realized i am a couple of months behind AND i am several blogs overloaded. i decided to whittle away at my list.

here's how i chose to connect the dots ... pete . k|kick . AR . blogging .

80 20 time ... is staying on my reading list. the best part is the blogger kind of ponders and challenges after skimming the titles of her september posts, i could NOT resist immediately reading this post (over here) with links several time management articles about time management and get a few chuckles!
it's interesting because recent chats i've had with colleagues at work and chats with friends on just catching up on "what's what" have touched upon many topics in several of 80 20 time's posts.

meanwhile, to check things out mentioned in 80 20 time, i signed up for Authentic Happiness and ChangeThis! looking forward to digging into the posts i've missed and sharing them with friends ... and enjoying new information!

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