Thursday, October 7, 2010

for my friend pete - mash-up of (re)sleestaking...

a couple of weeks ago, after talking with a college buddy, pete, i realized it gave me a great opportunity to dig up sleestak posts from the past. enjoy my friend.

(repost from march 31, 2006)
wednesday ... after the ritual intern outing

a few of us
[rich (move your head!) . lowell . holly .
shirl . margaret . shannon . todd]

headed for sushi
and continued our
fun, marry & killer game,
which we made a point
to share with others!

[todd & kairou]

r|wear siting: mark, the sushi chef
[btw - he makes awesome rolls!]

(repost from june 7, 2009)

yesterday, i watched land of the lost with gadget man. a bit of a twist, i'd say (will ferrell style), to the saturday morning memories i had of chaka and the rest of the land of the lost crew. nevertheless ... (re)enjoy.


sleestak me! ... in preparation for anyone revisting the childhood saturday morning t.v. show favorite (back in the day sans remote channel changer-majiggy and there were dials on a t.v., so my brother and i took turns changing channels) that has been turned into a feature film, visit ...

spinning girl's nostalgika homage

for a short karaoke moment, have at it ... (check it out over here and listen over here)

Marshall, Will and Holly
On a routine expedition
Met the greatest earthquake ever known
High on the rapids It struck their tiny raft (insert screams here)
And plunged them down a thousand feet below
To the Land of the Lost
To the Land of the Lost
To the Land of the Lost

keeping up with another mash-up in the mix (like the mash-up-ish of start trek:lost fiber break over here) that i found through a search on youtube (over here)...
(note to self: (re)visit spinning girl daily
like i used to do so for my fix. she rocks!)

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