Tuesday, October 12, 2010

etsy me: marlenevergara

it's time to shop on-line for (think: a gift for the holidays, a reward for yourself, or just because!) beautiful prints from marlenevergara.

(image to the right, tapestry)

the following is an excerpt from marlene's bio -
"My work tends to be fairly detailed with varying colors and motifs. I've used a variety of mediums ranging from ink and gouache to oils and acrylics and most recently, digital. I love art and music, fashion and fabrics, nature and people with gentle souls. I am helplessly ruled by color and design, and obsessed with all things turquoise!"
marlene's shop carries 8.5 x 11 prints of her original artwork that were created with variety of mediums ...
  • lithograph drawn on limestone
  • painting done in ink and liquid gouache/watercolors on fine art wax paper
  • illustration done in ink and Prismacolor markers
  • illustration done in ink, then digitally enhanced
  • painting done in designer's gouache (opaque watercolors)
  • painting which was done in oil on canvas
  • illustration done in ink and gouache
  • illustration done in ink on Japanese rice paper, then digitally enhanced
... more to come - including a series of black & white photographs.

thanks to floyd for the tip!

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