Sunday, October 3, 2010

k|kick: the beginning of my Kit Kick!

today, i am celebrating life with kit.

(pic from 1998(!) after brunch at las brisas in laguna beach, ca)

i love my friend kit.*

i decided yesterday that the activities i am taking on that seem to have a bit of a kit-inspired flair will be termed KitKick, aka k|kick.

pronunciation: `kĭt´ kĭk (or `´kĭk)

multi-dimensional and multi-faceted as she always will be, here is kit as CYCCYL guru - clean your closet, change your life kit.

though kit lives many miles away, we have very recently been using the phone, facebook, texting, blogging, and emails to get (re)connected. meanwhile, both of us are well aware (and often reminded) that even without the encumbering computer/laptop/phone devices, we are connected - and we both know that everyone is connected in some form.

for now, here is just a quick post about my perception of my reality today as i am celebrating having kit in my life. here is the wild ride i've been on in just the past couple of weeks -
  • visiting with girlfriends ... i have been visiting with girlfriends where we've checked-in on/off throughout life - friendships that developed at very interesting times of my life. i've come to realize that life is just damn interesting all the time! who's next?! bring 'em on!
  • blogging and visiting blogs ... finally started to blog a bit. (goes without saying, i s'pose.) i am ALSO checking in on several blogs i've enjoyed in the past - and one i have loved from way back is spinning girl. (yippee, she's kinda blogging again. this creative post of hers made me a spinning girl convert!)granted, it's something as simple as posting this morning's animated clip with an awesome rahm depiction as a fiber break and blips of reposting old sh**. nevertheless, it's words on a screen. (yes, i'll be reposting former blog posts with the intent of filing the old blogs away.)

  • journal writing ... have pen and imagination, will write. i always carry two journals; now they are getting a little more action. one is a reporter's notebook for daily jots of $s spent, nifty quotes, restaurant tips, wine (thumbs up and thumbs down), and random ideas. the other journal is an "in-my-head" notebook where i tend to jot down some of the emotional/spiritual/intellectual thoughts coupled with notes from events and with notes about books/stories that somehow speak to me in a deeper sense.

  • ideas that have been a bit on-hold are being reawakened ... i'm a bit of an idea generator - silly, real, imaginative, boring, clever, nonsensical, creative, etc. - imagination is good. so a few that have been swirling around to k|kick-start ...
    • apprentern ... = apprentice + intern. really start blog on my thoughts about internships in memory of jengyee (over here and here).
    • zagat-ish blurbs about government air agencies ... this has been an idea to get me to visit the air agencies throughout california, which means that i would visit california cities here/there. vacation time.
    • philosophies around tolerance, ignorance, knowledge ... continue to evolve my thoughts and express my perspective about ignorance; time to get the race and epistemologies of ignorance book.
    • p2p (or peer-to-peer) at work ... refine p2p for use anywhere, a peer-based support system at work that focuses on mutual objectives of and a support system for meeting not only work-related performance expectations but also integrating one's values for achieving life objectives - part coaching, part sounding board, part mentoring, part buddy. have been doing this with a co-worker / friend since 2009; it's based on an internship program i had at my consulting practice.
    • POE's corner ... "people, organizations, events" - have a POE's corner up here in the bay area. back in 1995, i organized a "happy hour" style event (with a little twist to it) called POE's corner at the now-defunct Banzai Cantina in San Diego. VERY FUN!
    • (something to be determined) conversations ... i follow design observer tweets and saw a glass house conversation that i loved about having only one tool from which to choose - pencil, knife, hammer (conversation here). then another conversation on transparency or clarity over here. so i've wondered, who would be interested in such weekly conversations related to what topics - yet to be determined.
    • writing ... writing about - right. about ...? writing to write, for now. still swirling.
  • sharing business start-up ideas ... after having started a business practice back in 1994 (and putting it a bit in sleep-mode in 2007), i will be sharing my lessons learned, tips, and pitfalls with other friends who are starting a business or flirting with the idea of starting a business.

  • connecting friends ... a little like match-making, i am introducing friends of mine to each other to help move along each other's goals and objectives.
with whom are you celebrating life today?
*pencil holder kit
p.s. k|kick will be part of my in-my-head journal.

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  1. Always fun to read your posts! You have so much good stuff going on in that busy brain of yours!

    Happy New Year!


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