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f|back (sept '07): what you've said so far ...

as mentioned over here, i (re)joined the traditional workforce in sept 2007 - putting my business on hold. 3 years on hold. 3 years. just yesterday, i submitted a cover memo, resume, and mission|vision|value statements for a position. someone said (jokingly, i think) that the scariest thing would be if i got the position.

about a week after joining, i starting receiving emails of various sentiments ... and here they are below.

(repost 09/22/07)
uh, thanks?

announcements to people ...
over the last couple of weeks or so, i started sending out announcements to clients, vendors, friends, and business colleagues regarding my upcoming re-entry into the traditional workforce, while EXPLICITLY noting that i also will maintain my business (y'know, gotta pay taxes, deal with administrative activities, and stuff).

here are some responses (sans billn who will have my own tribute to his responses):
  • "quick, excited responses" congrats ...
    Congratulations! ... WOW! Woo hoo!! Good job! Way to go! Atta girl! I’m happy for you, Shirl! ... cool. congrats, shirlsd! ... ShirlSD, congratulations sounds like a whole new adventure. Keep us posted. ... exciting news! best of luck! keep in touch. ...
  • "commentary of my future role" congrats ...
    Congratulations and best wishes in your new position. I am sure that you will be very effective in [the organization] with your vast experience in [the stuff you do] issues. Besides, I hope that your move to the San Francisco Bay Area will be good for [family] in this area. Let's have lunch after you settle down in San Francisco. ...

    Shirlsd, congratulations!!! It will be good to have one of the good guys on [the organization's] Staff.

    Go get those bad boys (and girls).
  • "dark side reference" congrats ... (there were a couple more, but this is the main sentiment. some had not-so-nice things to say. people! play nicely in the sand box)
    Going to the dark side I see! ... So you're moving over to the dark side. Best of luck.
  • "getting down to the nitty-gritty" congrats ...
    Please let me know as soon as you can whether you can support our project. As you know, the main task you would be involved in has a report due Oct. 2007, so the work would need to be conducted mainly in October. I wonder-- if you have not received an 'official' approval by end of Sept., can you still support the project in October?
  • "let's hold hands" congrats ...
    Congratulations!? I added the question mark because the future is unknown. If it makes you happy, then I am happy that you are. Have fun working with all the other [type of workers] under [the organization]. The world is wonderful.

    Congratulations. I hope the job works out as you want. ... Congratulations!! I'm happy for you. I hope it's everything you hope it to be.

    Hope this is what you want - it is certainly a change from running your own business. Give me a call when you have a minute; I will also try calling you this week. Hope all is well with [family].

    Congrats on the new job. I take it you'll be commuting into SF on bart? ... You had told me you were interviewing for this job. But I'm still a little surprised you're easing out of self-employment. There's a lot of stress in self-employment. Is that one of the reasons? I often think it would be nice to get a W-2 job. Actually, I think about it all the time. Well, good luck with your first week.
  • the "l'il chuckle" congrats ...
    Hey good luck with that new 40 hr gig. ... Congrats Shirley! Only 40 hrs a week? What are you going to do with all that free time? :) ... If you really plan to work 40 hours per week, what will you do with all of your free time - besides blog ...
  • "be-a-messenger" congrats ... Congrats Shirl! Please be sure to look up my good friend bt at [the organization]. Tell her hi for me if you meet here. You can probably both have a laugh at my expense! Please send contact info when you can.
... so those are just a few congrats that leads me to the start of my "thanks-you-to-do" list
  • notify folks of my new contact info
  • set up lunch dates (and perhaps after work drinks or din-dins)
  • ponder (and perhaps write) thoughts about the good vs. bad perspective
  • get a l'il insight on the "dark side" perspective
  • tie up loose ends on the business side of things with projects, admin, invoicing, filing, etc.
  • hug some folks
  • blog
  • meet bt and laugh at bf's expense
celebrate my decision!

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