Wednesday, October 6, 2010

k|kick: testimonial for kit of clean your closet change your life ...

singularly focused and a force of nature ... your (Kit) creative energy results in a whirlwind of change - guaranteed. and i'm looking for another whirlwind with clean your closet change your life (click here).

(pic from 2007 - with my special wooden pencil holder)

remember back in the late '90s ... when you and i uncluttered my home office with your promise that i would later feel renewed? i thought, "hmmm ... renewed? whatever. BUT then again ... why not? a friend offering free labor and willing to hold me while i shudder amongst my paper squalor? i'm in!"

the result ... renewed was an understatement! after tossing out stuff, what i thought would feel like a major loss quickly turned into amazing opportunities that seemed just to pop up around every corner - new clients, more follow-on projects with existing clients, and invites to travel, speak and write articles. my business grew just as we had been talking about what i wanted during our tossing cleaning renewing event - a quick couple of hours with you, no pressure (well, except for the pencil holder incident - heehee), lots of fun chatting, and great company. i became a believer in your "watch out what you wish for" words of encouragement.

the best part of all this ... throughout the years, i've done smatterings of cleaning and renewing, although, not necessarily resulting in that same level of excitement i experienced with you from more than a decade ago ... however, wonderful things did manifest, of course!

fast-forward to NOW ... i'm excited that you are sharing this wonderful inherent talent and system you have with everyone. i am not only a friend and a supporter of what you are creating, but i am a lifetime client!

you, kit, are THE newest force of nature -
the whirlwind of change!

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  1. Throw Out 50 Things by Gail Blanke
    Apartment Therapy, by you know who



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