Thursday, October 28, 2010

k|kick: jewelry's friends

last wednesday, oct 20 ... i attended the maiden voyage of kit's clean your closet, change your life (CYCCYL) the basics 101. later this evening at 6:00, oct 28, is kind of like the (re)voyage - similar principles and according to kit, ...
"... material on this call WILL BE DIFFERENT - more refined, less swearing (although i will likely say "crap" a lot), more focused and may give you additional insight."
i'm looking forward to this evening's call EVEN THOUGH it is game 2 of the world series here in SF. (by the way, kit didn't swear that much - and if/when she did, it was the petite, lady-like swearing.)

my cyccyl prelude ... meanwhile, the little area i tackled before last week's call as part of my SHEDn was what i thought would be a relatively effortless - my jewelry.

my game plan ... pretty straightforward - SEE, SEPARATE, SORT, and STYLE. to start off, i collected jewelry related items by placing them in not more than 3 areas for actually SEEING what i have - placed them on a leather trunk trunk, dresser surface, and night stand surface. here is where i collected items that i placed on top of my trunk.
SEE what i have ... jewelry organizers, gift boxes, containers, loose jewelry (found in other places of my home and purses!) ... and while seeing what i had (or at least knew i had), it became VERY OBVIOUS that what i thought was going to be fairly quick to handle - maybe spanning not more than 3 hour - was involving a little more than i'd planned. i envisioned i'd collect my jewelry and organize them on my dresser and in my drawers/organizers. not so.

jewelry's friends ... turns out, in my life, jewelry hangs out with other non-jewelry items - in the same area or general vicinity of where i stored jewelry. i came across fragrances, souvenirs, cards, and STUFF stored along with necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. there were non-jewelry items i have called ...
  • pretty-me-up non-jewelry - fragrances, hair accessories, some make-up, small containers, gift boxes, etc.
  • why is this here? non-jewelry - small household items, buttons, coupons, pictures, paper clips, ziploc bags, etc.
SEPARATING and SORTING ... i combined these two activities to streamline (ha!) my figuring out what groups to place my jewelry and non-jewelry. i started separating and found myself sorting at the same time - considering groups of items such as chokers, pendants, pins, brooches, macrame bracelets ... THEN i started considering the material - pearls, gems, semi-precious, stones, gold, fossils, silver, plastic, brass ... THEN whether faux/costume or not ... THEN organizers, containers, displays ... THEN earring backs, solo earrings, broken clasps ... and THEN shoe clips (shoe clips??? yes, shoe clips! what the ... ?) ... THEN i finally ended up with 3 areas to begin figuring out what/where/how to store my jewelry.
jewelry brought back memories ... i didn't think it would happen, but silly me. of course it would. jewelry from my parents for my college graduation, gifts from friends i love, vintage finds while vacationing, ... and that gold cross i received as a christmas gift in 1984 from my college boyfriend at the time. really?! that last one survived more than 25 years and 6 different places since college? yes, it did. (donate.)
next up?
(and mashing up CYCCYLn and SHEDn)

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