Monday, October 11, 2010

hipmtfn: i am WAY hooked on AR ...

(i connect dots)

advanced riskology

in late september '10, it started with ... a friend telling me about tyler's ebook over here. the book is a quick read for 70 pages. when i came across the section dealing with friends and family - SPOT ON! this was nearly a month ago. since then, i've been hooked and pushing sharing tyler's info to friends.

here's how i chose to connect the dots recently ... rennie . howl . tyler . percy. terry gross . website .

on tues 09/28, i caught up with my friend rennie who is settling in over in nyc. on wed 09/29, rennie sent over his review of eat, pray, love. (i'll pick up the book.) on thurs 09/30, i subscribed to rennie's movie reviews. on fri 10/01, rennie posted his review of howl (and i decided it was a must see for me - saw it sat, 10/09) before heading into work mon, 10/04, i read one of tyler's recent posts - every decision is life or death - something with which i totally relate. and interestingly enough, the day before (sun, 10/03) i spent nearly 25 minutes deciding which journal to buy bought a journal for AR brainstorms. the day of tyler's post, i shared it with a friend who had basically been faced with a just pick (yes/no) moment. the next day (tues, 10/05) i worked 1/2-day at home and spent the afternoon getting percy dealt with. on the way to percy-gate, i caught a part of npr's terry gross interview with james franco. and it dawned on me ... hey! time to leave tyler a comment on his website. so here is my comment to his post ...
hi tyler – haven’t checked the responses to this post – if anyone made the comment i’m about to make. nevertheless, i read your post monday and shared it with a friend at work who has felt “stuck”; he was inspired. then yesterday i was listening to the terry gross interview of james franco. during the “howl” movie discussion, there was as soundbite about j.franco (as a.ginsberg) and ginsberg’s dr. hicks (transcript over here). give it a quick read or listen. it reminded me of your post – all in a good way. for ease, i guess i’ll cut/paste the portion that caught my attention –

And Dr. Hicks kept saying, what do you want to do? What is your heart’s desire? So, finally I said, well, what I’d really like to do is to just quit all this and get a small room with Peter and devote myself to my writing and contemplation and fucking and smoking pot and doing whatever I wanted.

He said: Why don’t you do it, then? I mean, what’ll happen if I grow old and I have pee stains in my underwear, and I’m living in some furnished room, and nobody loves me, and I’m white-haired and I have no money and bread crumbs are falling on the floor? And he said, ah, don’t worry about that. You’re very charming and lovable, and people will always love you.

What a relief to hear that. I very soon realized that it was all a fear trap, just illusory.

thanks again for a wonderful post!

... and that is how i connected the dots last week!

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