Saturday, October 9, 2010

f|break: saturday morning

going a little bit (perhaps way-off) off-track with this morning for the fiber break, but here goes anyway. it's FP - e!fashion police. i admit - i watch a little talk/trash t.v. - and i LOVE joan rivers + crew on FP. commentaries are crazy fun and segments include - streetwalker or starlet, bitch stole my look, make it stop/gotta have it, and best dressed-worst dressed of the week in fashion.

enjoy this ~ 2 min fiber break
with FP's bikini backlash (over here)

"i look at this ... doesn't even really cover her whole vagina"
"i like it ... it's actually cute" ... retort "oh ali" (dismissed with the hand-shrug)
"oh pahleez, tell me that that ice cream stand is selling fruit"
"this is a bipolar-kini"

"i keep looking for where is her blow hole?"
(joan uncut over here)

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