Saturday, October 30, 2010

XLVI: what does 46 mean?

tonight, i'm 46 - 46 years old ... tomorrow, i'm not. to pass time (some more), here are the results of my quickie goo-yah-bing searches about 46, aka forty-six
  • definitions here and there ... being six more than forty, the natural number following 45 and preceding 47
  • country code ... for sweden
  • palladium ... from the periodic table, atomic number 46. a silver-white metallic element of the platinum group that resembles platinum; occurs in some copper and nickel ores; does not tarnish at ordinary temperatures and is used (alloyed with gold) in jewelry
  • temperature ... 46 celsius = 114.8 degrees farenheit; or 46 fahrenheit = 8 celsius
  • thanks google translator ... ses en veertig, dyzet e gjashtë, Sth Wʼrbʻwn, k’arrasunut’ vets’, qırx altı, berrogeita sei, sorak šeść, chetiredeset i shest, quaranta-sis, Sì liù, četrdeset-šest, seksogfyrre, zesenveertig, nelikümmend kuus, neljäkymmentäkuusi, quarante-six, corenta e seis, ormots’daek’vsi, sechsundvierzig, saránta éxi, Karant-sis, ארבעים ושש, -Chiyālīsa, negyvenhat, Fjörutíu og sex, empat puluh enam, daichead a sé, quarantasei, Yon jū roku, maheun-yeoseos, četrdesmit seši, keturiasdešimt šeši, Četirieset i šest, empat puluh enam, sitta, førtiseks, چهل و شش, czterdzieści sześć, quarenta e seis, patruzeci şi şase, sorok shestʹ, četrdeset šest, štyridsať šesť, šestinštirideset, cuarenta y seis, arobaini na sita, fyrtiosex, สี่สิบหก, kırk altı, sorok-shistʹ, چالیس چھ, bốn mươi sáu, pedwar deg chwech ...
and from birthday-related perspective (via kakorama over here)
  • rabbit ... from chinese astrology, from aztec astrology
  • scorpio ... from my zodiac sign - and earlier this year in february, some read my chart. snippets include rising sun libra, moon in aries at 20th degree in the 7th house. check out
  • sorb tree ... from celtic astrology



    1. Welcome to the 46 Club, Shirl, and Happy B'day (pronounced "bidet")! As a consolation prize (and at this stage in your life, consolation is really all you and I will get), I can only offer you this bit of sage advice: You're twice as smart now as you were when you were 23 but only half as limber, so be smart about who you yoga with...Split the difference and to heck with the joint pain!

      On a side note, if I were that Chilean hotdog miner and I emerged seeing my wife's shadow next to my girlfriend's, I'd have gone back underground and waited until Spring to come up again. He should be featured on the next Thousand Ways to Die

    2. stupidicus ... i LOVE that you wished me happy 46 ... it's good ANYTIME - 364 days later. hugs!


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