Sunday, October 3, 2010

k|kick: journals specific for KitKick and a little advanced riskology ...

2 new cahiers
pronunciation: kä-yay'
a fancy/french word for notebook (or journal)

this afternoon i bought two journals - both 3.5" x 5.5" - portable enough for my k|kick moments. these two journals will be used rather than adding to my current in-my-head oil leather foiled slim journal (shown in this post). (i changed my mind from this morning.)

a new leaf/action cahier ... from new leaf paper using action method, dot matrix pages coupled with action steps pages. action method is about project management stuff (over here). i don't have an iphone, so i'm not using an app. and at least for now, i have not signed up for the free/introductory use of the action method.

i'm strictly using the paper product version, along with consolidating what i've been doing in the past. (more about the consolidating in a later post) by the way, i did purposely choose this over product for the "capturing action steps" and the unlined pages. also, new leaf products use 100% post-consumer waste, etc.

moleskine cahier ... plain journal, the same size as my new leaf journal for my SHED'n and CYCCYL'n related activities. similar to the new leaf journal, i purposely chose the plain pages. i was starting to pick up the lined journals but something was telling me ... doodles, drawings, mindmapping, etc.

crazy papers ... interestingly enough, i was refining my mission|vision|value statements this early september. i was also revisiting my "crazy papers" from '94. my crazy papers are words and doodles on tracing paper, intended to represent my creative ideas to answer a question that was BLARING in my head and sounded something like - what do i believe in and how can i shape the future? the result? i left corporate america to figure out how to create my ideas in the world. well ... here i am again - in a tracing paper/doodle mode.

a sprinkle of advanced riskology ... speaking of doodles, drawings, and mindmapping - i have enjoyed tyler tervooren's advanced riskology. (more about advanced riskology in a later post) a friend told me about tyler's ebook, take this job & shove it (read the ebook). it really resonated with me because it reminded me of 1994, the year when i left a conventional corporate structure after my early morning (~ 5:30 AM) may '94 epiphany (more on the epiphany in a later post). fast-forward to now - having re-entered another bureaucratic structure, i am experiencing what i recollect to be the excitement i felt during my '94 transition.

how does this relate to advanced riskology? he wrote a fabulous post about his answering his own question "What do I really want to do with my life and how can I do it?" and here is his article capturing how he answered this question - how to write your biography 40 years early. (READ IT!) it's oddly exciting how similar his weekend question answering is reminiscent of what i did through the years of my business, as i was further refining (and changing) my direction. just LOVED his sharing his experience. and now ... i'm incorporating tyler's ideas into my current undo-looping.

looks like i'll probably buy more cahiers.
oh well. no harm in that.

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  1. Hi Shirley. I'm so glad you enjoyed the article and the guide. Sounds like you're familiar with the kind of life strategies I like to talk about, so it's nice to know there are others out there that think like I do. A bit of solidarity. :)


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