Sunday, September 26, 2010

hipmtfn: moving past the do-loops and on to ...

... healthy self-expression
of servant leadership
through creativity

spillover? ...
perhaps a spillover from the good ol' days when i did weekly staff meetings (when i was the only staff person in my firm), monthly invoicing, quarterly check-ins (including payments), semi-annual check-ins, and annual meetings (for fun and for recordkeeping) ... or a spillover from my your heart's desire practice, my year 2008 self-diagnosed (right or wrong) scanner from refuse to choose (here and there), and/or the endless 2009 do-loop between weeks 3/4 & 6 of apartment therapy.

regardless of the reason(s) ... over the past month, my feeling of transition has been like a (re)awakening from a bit of a haze. questions that have been swirling around in my noggin are being answered by family, friends, colleagues, and strangers in snippets of overheard conversations, glimpses of images at random places, and unanticipated diatribes.

this year's future spillover ... i loves me my j.morgenstern! back in 2004, i picked up her book organizing from the inside out. i became a fan of j/morg and have since recommended that people at least take the little self-eval (e.g., identify technical errors, external realities, and psychological obstacles) and go from there. (found a fellow's handy book notes over here that is pretty much the core pieces of her message). that self-eval is woven directly or indirectly into other j/morg's books.

fast-forward to earlier this year ... i picked-up j/morg's recent book - SHED your stuff, change your life: a four-step guide to getting unstuck (over here). i got as far part 1, chapter 3 (of 5 parts with a total of 15 chapters) where i totally identified my points of entry (first step!), and then i got side-tracked somehow (or felt a bit frozen) and didn't move forward.

fast-forward to ~ a week ago (09/16) and my new girl-crush! ... my friend shared with me her website CYCCYL - clean your closet, change your life (for which i then peed my pants out of excitement because this IS who she is for herself and others!). the next day we had a couple of text exchanges - with one culminating in her encouragement and direction -
"... but we need to work on your manifestation"
- what i SPECIFICALLY want, in ONE sentence that is TIME and DATE specific.

resurrecting my excitement and pensive moments ... so this got me to thinking and remembering all the other previous efforts that i had started, have put on-hold, and/or have taken to heart. in no special order, here is the laundry list of several books (lots of woo-woo stuff) that came to mind during my 09/18 saturday morning brainstorming (and a bit of hyperlink-hell for more info)
  • j/morg's SHED (book here)
  • apartment therapy by maxwell gillingham-ryan (book here)
  • use what you have decorating by lauri ward(book here)
  • your heart's desire by sonia choquette (book here)
  • former r|cat journals (mine)
  • refuse to choose by babara sher (book here)
  • big vision, small business by james s. walters (book here)
  • letter response from r.bolles who is author of "what color is your parachute?" and "how to find your mission in life" (books here and here)
  • bird by bird: some instructions on writing and life by ann lamott (book here)
  • original post-corporate tracing papers (mine)
  • anyway and do it anyway: finding personal meaning and deep happiness by living the paradoxical commandments by kent m. keith (books here and here; website here)
  • the four agreement by don miguel ruiz (book here; website here)
  • if life is a game, these are the rules by cherie carter-scott (book here; website here ... and thanks to jen for mentioning)
  • legacy: a step-by-step guide to writing personal history by linda spence (book here)
  • what should i do with my life? the true story of people who answered the ultimate question by po bronson (book here; website here)
  • take this job and shove it by tyler tervooren (ebook here; website here ... and thanks to pho queen for passing this along)
  • synchronicity: the inner path of leadership by joseph jaworski (book here)
will end here for now, get back to my physical point of entry areas in my bedroom and tackle my closet!

saying "no" to do-loops!

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