Monday, August 2, 2010

hipmtfn: scanner in week 1/2

(repost from july 19, 2008)

[from mina lee studio]

so far, so good with the 1st entry - "trial run" ... i've managed to make it through two weeks after starting this. i did the "trial run" to get the journal stuff started. trial run in short ... to just sit and write about an idea - any idea. and then if there is a tangent, to go with the tangent for a little while and then u-turn back to the original idea, eventually.

scoring air agencies - in a zagat style approach? ... i found myself resurrecting a goofy spoof of an idea from some time in 2005 - a sort of know-what-to-expect of your air quality agencies zagat style resource. why the hell would it matter? i don't know. it probably doesn't matter, but i do remember this - i liked the fact that at the san diego agency, there is a decent lobby/waiting area, sufficient parking, two little meeting rooms in the lobby area, very convenient bathroom locations for visitors, a water fountain, and a clock ... all before i had to sign in. (i'm thinking it may have been - i really, REALLY had to go to the bathroom? or something? convenient parking + readily accessible bathroom = thumbs up!)

with 35 california air districts, i s'pose i could visit them and "zagat" them because ... other people may want to know about W B S E F (which would be the first letter for the scoring system) ... or i'd visit a few air districts and likely end up doing something else, which is just as random and dorky.

and the tangent i experienced? ... thinking about possible names for the work intranet. y'see - there is contest (which ended 07/11) for naming the intranet site. the prize? $100 for the winning entry, and runners-up get work-logo-gear. so i thought of several names, as well as one with various logo ideas. after work announced some samples of the other entries (none of which were mine), i'm thinking ... i may be lucky if i end up with work-logo-gear. there were 2 quite clever names - quite clever! (not to throw out a self-fulfilling prophecy, but i may vote for one of them over any of mine, which may make the cut.)

2nd entry - living quarters map ... sketch a floor plan of home, walk around home, mark areas in each room where intended projects are laying around, and name the project. for one person, relatively speaking, i have and live with lots of stuff, lots of little projects in areas throughout my home. some call it clutter; i call it lots of stuff in specific areas throughout my home. mission accomplished - map made, areas identified, some already being knocked of the list, while others have popped up since. (perhaps i can get out of the week 3/4 apartment therapy "rut" i've been milking and procrastinating since february!)

3rd entry - experiences & accomplishments with associated rewards & value ... go back in time, however far back, and just list stuff (exper & accomp) for 5 minutes. give it a bit of a rest, look back at the list, add anything else that hits, then figure out what rewards & values resulted from each. the objective is to answer "what reward(s) draws you to an activity?" several themes recurring: curiosity; bringing people together; seeing non-traditional and unconventional relationships among people, topics, ideas; creating and implementing a vision, goal setting; helping others evolve in their thought process; writing (creative, technical, investigative-ish); experiencing and creating humorous events/activities.

more insightful things to come, i presume

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