Tuesday, August 3, 2010

i connect dots (and people) ...

i connect dots.
random? NO.
shuffling around of dots? ALWAYS.
including people? YES.
mindmapping in motion ... i often find myself connecting events, information, people, and activities that seem unrelated to some but are (or should be) related. back in 1995, i called it POE's Corner - People | Organizations | Events - where i brought people together. some called it a happy hour, i called it a way to get my friends to meet each other with the real intent of making authentic connections. i believe one thing fostered, fosters, or will foster another.

yippity-yap and random chatter ... and i spew about it. alot. always brainstorming. always idea generating. so admittedly, to some, i sound like i'm totally rambling - off-subject, on tangent, or just off. sometimes, people are dismissive or even react annoyed. nevertheless, that's my process - not leaving stuff swirling around in my head (because as far as i know, people can't read my mind).

connectedness ... as i am typing this post, an image popped up in my head - one from a book i picked up back in the early 2000s - the brand gap (current version over here). this is kind of what i see and hear when it comes to ideas, people, etc. (found this image at slideshare over here - a slide presentation of the brand gap).

gotta go connect some dots!

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