Monday, September 6, 2010

hipmtfn: labor day 2010 in my garage

hipmtfn = how i pass my time for now
(at least for this morning)

my garage has old boxes that i haven't looked at them for at least a year or two archived back in 2007 when i decided to do this.

this morning, i decided there will be less boxes of stuff and more paper to recycle. a chunk of my garage will be getting a little makeover this labor day (while i snack on a tasty almond horseshoe pastry and warm up with a cup of mocha java - yum!!!)

motivation? ... after reconnecting with one of the corporate-logo-wearing dudes pictured to the right, i realized it's okay to let go of 1999 diesel engine retrofit feasibility analyses working papers and work product. also, somewhere in the piles of paper, i know there are gems sprinkled in the paper maze ... brainstorming notes, critical thinking doodles, and crazy thoughts that will re-energize my spirit.

... and at least i'll have
more paper clips and binder clips to reuse.
(that's worth a morning in my garage, kinda sorta.)

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