Tuesday, September 28, 2010

hipmtfn (shed): prepping for my (re)point of entry

(re)SHEDn ... i started SHED a l'il while ago and am (re)SHEDn. to (re)start, i must identify my theme and then my point of entry around my home.

(re)figuring out my theme ... because of a 1994 epiphany i had and of being introduced to a book - your heart's desire (YHD) - back in 1999, figuring out a lean, manicured theme was a bit of a jaunt. so i did the obvious went back to my roots - my epiphany of '94 and YHD. earlier this year when i began SHED, my theme was "healthy self-expression of servant leadership through creativity", however, after re-reading the 3 rules to consider - broad, simple, actual - i realize that servant leadership is a kind of what i want to do and be, and not necessarily express and feel. therefore, stated a little differently ...

authentic and healthy self-expression through creativity

i thought of a few variations on the theme ... authentic self-expression, health self-expression, creative self-expression, or even authentic self-expression through creativity, etc., and in the end, i'm sticking with what i have. it resonates with me.

finding the point of entry ... basically, j.morg defines three realms for finding clutter - physical, schedule, and habit. this starts with walking around my home and finding such clutter.

how does j.morg define these 3 realms? physical clutter is that tangible thing taking up space, being unused, are unloved. schedule clutter is the measurable activity (or inactivity) that may have at one point been how i wanted to spend my time, but now, rather than energize me, the activity may be a little draining. and habit clutter is the behavior that produces schedule clutter.

my point of entry inventory earlier this year ... i identified several physical, schedule, and habit clutter areas:
  • physical - my bathroom, purses, shoes, jewelry, mail/family room, business office, home office, patio storage area, guest room closet, business office annex, my closet/clothes, room entry, guest room/gift area, room nightstands, guest bathroom, home office storage, living room bench/table, dining room buffet, CDs, gifts to mail, kitchen counter tops/cupboards, car trunk, picture frames, business archives/garage, ... so far
  • schedule - p2p, biwkly az, saturday brunch, after work happy hour, monthly work mtgs, wkly work wrap-up, blogging, visit dad, evening t.v./movies, farmers market, daily journaling, peet's anchor morning, chiro appointments, yoga at home, weekly prof development, weekly m|v|v refresher, reading books, biweekly , ... so far
  • habit - bookstore visits, @work/email, list-making for projects, mail confirmation, @personal/email, scoping/planning project, friend check-in, office org, mindless t.v. escapes, avoidance work chunks, procrastination, walk/exercise, ... so far
size, percent obsolete, and level of attachment ... for each point of entry, i'm suppose to figure out how much it occupies, how much may be obsolete, and what my level of attachment is. well, as i'm looking over the physical and habit point of entry, i can see that those have higher % obsolete than schedule. AND i can see that i've chipped away at several physical areas. (go me!) nevertheless ...
still time to (re)idetinfy my point of entry

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