Monday, September 27, 2010

hiptmfn: stop the train - i've got (re)SHEDn to do ...

SHED ... is from julie morgenstern's book (over here), "SHED your stuff, change your life: a four-step guide to getting unstuck" - Separate the treasures, Heave the trash, Embrace your identify, Drive yourself forward.

side note: i started j.morg's SHED
before learning about my friend kit's effort for clean your closet, change your life (aka CYCCYL, over here). for my CYCCYL-specific activities, i'm posting under the kitkick label.

as a result, i'm mashing-up SHED and CYCCYL as best i can, because my SHED train has been chugging along - albeit a little chug here and there but a chug, nonetheless. so i'm slowing down that chug and heading back to the depot to re-do my "getting started" exercise. for my SHED-specific activities, i'm posting under the shed label.

(re)SHED-ing preparation ... i took the SHED assessment on j.morg's site over here. my results for the four areas as follows:

Separate: need improvement
Heave: smooth sailing
Embrace: smooth sailing
Drive: smooth sailing

time to (re)identify my point of entry areas in my home.

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