Sunday, October 24, 2010

f|break: sunday morning

it's nearing the end of the year ... and i have yet to write up my self-assessment to submit to cubeopolis management. the last quarter of the year means performance review and appraisal time! during last year's cubeopolis prep for mid-year reviews, i offered up these 3 clips. still relevant for now. enjoy, and meanwhile, i must pull my self-assessment together to submit this monday.

(repost from 05/06/09)

... so i decided to do a general 'google search' on
performance reviews
and here are the clips i have to offer.

a quickie, at first over here ...

and for my buddy, harold's girl - to help out with her crush on hugh, another perspective over here ...

and finally, black20 studio's version over here ...
possibly a new cubeopolis metaquote -
"... the power feels good.
i feel like it's almost like

i can shoot lightning from my hands."

(and on a side- and more serious - note,
a WSJ article
over here
titled "get rid of the performance review")

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