Sunday, October 10, 2010

back in the day - my 1st blog post circa jan 2006

just as i am cleaning out my closet,
i am cleaning out my blog stuff.

girlnutkin is breaking free ...
... and gatherin' up fun memories,
while creating new ones.

TODAY - girlnutkin circa jan 2010 ...
i started THIS BLOG (on jan 14) as an effort to consolidate previous and select blogs' posts - yes, blogS. i have several blogs for my life phases/events of prepping to move from SD to BA, having moved to the BA, a chronicle of an intern that worked with me, stories i wrote (or at least started to write), and business related thoughts. granted, these blogs are basically archive/memory-lane stuff.

BACK IN THE DAY - nearly 5 years ago ...
the first time i plopped down to blog was in jan 2006 - ReLo-ing from SD to BA. check it out OVER HERE. (thanks joanne!)

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