Friday, October 29, 2010

f|break: friday evening

viktor & rolf ... love watching their fashion shows for a little break. take the quick "toll road" to the fashion shows through here . or take the "scenic route" through the main home page - it takes a little maneuvering and patience, perhaps, to get to the fashion show but it's kind of fun. for the scenic route to the shows -
  • viktor & rolf's home page here
    • choose to "enter directly" - you'll have a choice of watching the intro OR skip intro
  • you'll see a fabulous interior with a staircase in the center and doors flanking both sides, as well as hallway's on both sides
    • choose the doorway at the top of the stairs to see the fashion show videos
  • choose the v&r logo to have access to the video fashion show collections
there are several interesting shows - the fall/winter 2010/2011 video has the designs you can see here in slideshow version. the main website has the full show, but if you just want the totally abridged version, nymag has a ~2min version here. (full show is interesting!)

enjoy your evening fiber break.

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