Friday, October 22, 2010

hipmtfn (ttAR): my healthy obsession continues

a go-to-read ... tyler's AR is one of my go-to-reads, especially as i am finding myself somehow intellectually (and perhaps even spiritually) compelled to move toward repositioning and re-framing where i am (if that makes any sense ... nevertheless, i digress and will address in a separate post).

i proclaimed my puffy-heart for tyler's advanced riskology last week over here ... and i remain entirely hooked. to share my obsession, i am going to post my comments to tyler here on girlnutkin and hope you check out advanced riskology!

AR last week ... as mentioned, i posted a comment that i left for tyler's article titled every decision is life or death. why i commented? his article reminded me of how one may place self-limiting/self-imposed barriers on decision-making. and i found this statement he made quite thought-provoking ... "Every time you decide to do something that drains your energy instead of brings you life, you’re choosing to die instead of live."

a recent AR article ... how to get a year of experience in 6 months (click article title to read on tyler's site). the opening paragraph piqued my curiosity, and i felt immediately compelled to comment because i felt very connected to what he shared. so here is my comment to his post ...

love this! “… it gets tiring sometimes, but I still love every second of it. I don’t have time to “get there” the normal way. and so totally agree with this and many other characterizations you’ve shared. thank you!

for me, just yesterday someone commented “you work too hard!”, and i said “thanks!” not the expected answer in the current work environment i’ve chosen and a puzzled, confused look followed from my co-worker.

by the way, for some context – 3 years ago, i decided to put my consulting practice on pause, so (here’s my take on it within 2 weeks after i started .) hopefully more to come about my thoughts of civil service, but that’s it for now. anyway …

… your post and yesterday’s co-worker’s sentiment reminded me of something my brother forwarded to me a while back because he and i both have civil servant/government jobs. for anyone who is in a “work for the man” situation, like government or any other large bureaucratic system, he shared this guys 10 paradoxical commandments; i think it’s an interesting lens to use at a work environment for those who get that your statement “Don’t take it easy. Don’t go slow. Don’t pace yourself. Don’t follow the rules. Those are the fences erected to keep you in the very place you’re trying to escape.” i think others’ peanut-gallery comments like – slow down, there’s always tomorrow, why do you care so much?, and it’s not going to make a difference – are just acknowledgments and reminders of the fact that i’m doing what i gotta and wanna do! i’m gonna make a difference, even if it means more time. time is just the means to getting to where i want to/am going to be, so i’m going to totally make the best of it!

thanks for my morning rant & rave, and keep on sharing!

tyler's response ...

Hey Shirley. If you’re not met with resistance, then you’re probably not doing anything interesting.

I say keep rocking the boat and ignore the peanut gallery the best you can. :)

... and i am looking forward
to my next AR rant & rave (in a good way!).

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  1. Shirl,
    LOVE this. And I love the back and forth w Tyler. I love AR. LOVE IT. And, I love Pig Dog, above.


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