Friday, October 29, 2010

project runway, WHAT THE #$%& ?!?!

(deep breath) ... politely stated, i do NOT need project runway, nina garcia, or michael kors to validate that MONDO is the REAL winner. impolitely stated, what the fuck?! i'm gonna cut someone. (deep breath) i'll get over this, eventually.

after last week's surprise final three picks for me (over here), i was looking forward to the finale. after watching the finale, i texted to friends and picked up my security-blogkets (my go-to security blankets on the web!). my coping mechanism? poaching/linking to project rungay and david dust to continue calming down. (deep breath)

[update: project rungay post over here on their take on the finale. good read for fans!]

mondology ... andyology ... gretchen
see their designs throughout this season 8 below
(thanks tom & lorenzo project rungay)

and then there are the final collections
(and other designers' collections - the decoys)

and then the final resting place aptly stated by david (over here. thanks david!)
(deep breath)
much calmer, now.
graciously stated, congrats gretchen.

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