Tuesday, October 19, 2010

f|back (apr '09): my maiden voyage with facebook

i was unfriended ... within my first week on facebook in early apr 2009. however, that hasn't deterred me from using facebook as another social tool. this morn, while i was checking/changing my facebook settings (per the recent news of facebook privacy issues), i do realize what i consider to be a facebook benefit - congratulating a friend in florida who accepted her marriage proposal from 215 ft undersea. that's worth knowing - esp. after it was posted within an hour of the proposal. nevertheless, here is my 1st unfriending during my 1st week on facebook (me victim. him culprit.)

(repost from 04/13/09)

so the facebook story goes ... within the 1st week of reluctantly (although rather curiously) joining facebook last september, i casually friended a childhood friend (at the suggestion of a mutual childhood friend) and then i was summarily unfriended by that childhood friend - all within 3 days.

this current tv clip ... reminded me of that "remove" move (albeit uneventful).

(chuckle - chuckle)

last time yip-yap with childhood friend? ... some 30 years ago. three-zero. thirty. 30 years ago.

super poke huh? ... because i'd been on fbook not even a week, i knew very little about sheep and pokes and other fbook time sink opportunities (although pho queen made sure my ignorance would not last long). the unfriending was a result of your-guess-is-as-good-as-mine-but-i-kinda-figured-it-out-and-so-did-pho-queen.

the messaging experience on fbook? ... start of communications on 09/24 at 8:35 pm (pacific). end of communications on 09/26 at 11:52 pm (pacific). oh well.


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  1. You've come so far! You're even on twitter and check into foursquare! You're a true online social worker...er...social networker


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