Sunday, October 31, 2010

XLVII: i'm a prime number

yesterday 46, today 47 ... the fifteenth prime number - "a natural number that has exactly two distinct natural number divisors: 1 and itself". following suit from yesterday's 46'n (over here) ... a few results of my quickie goo-yah-bing searches about 47, aka forty-seven -

[update from JenM ... the 47 society]
  • definitions here and there ... being seven more than forty, the natural number following 46 and preceding 48
  • country code ... for norway
  • silver ... from the periodic table, atomic number 47. a soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal; occurs in argentite and in free form; used in coins and jewelry and tableware and photography.
  • temperature ... 46 celsius = 116.6 degrees farenheit; or 47 fahrenheit = 8.3 celsius
  • thanks google translator ... sewe en veertig, dyzet e shtatë, Sbʻh Wʼrbʻwn, k’arrasunut’ yot’, qırx yeddi, berrogeita zazpi, chetiredeset i sedem, quaranta-set, Sì qī, četrdeset sedam, čtyřicet sedm, syvogfyrre, zevenenveertig, nelikümmend seitse, neljäkymmentäseitsemän, quarante-sept, corenta e sete, ormots’dashvidi, siebenundvierzig, saránta eptá, karant-sèt, ארבעים ושבע, -Saintālīsa, negyvenhét, empat puluh tujuh, daichead is seacht, quarantasette, Yon nana, maheun-ilgob, quadraginta septem, četrdesmit septiņi, keturiasdešimt septyni, Četirieset i sedum, empat puluh tujuh, sebgħa u erbgħin, førtisyv, چهل و هفت, czterdzieści siedem, quarenta e sete, patruzeci şi şapte, sorok-semʹ, četrdeset sedam, štyridsaťsedem, sedeminštirideset, cuarenta y siete, arobaini na saba, fyrtiosju, kırk yedi, sorok sim, چالیس سات, bốn mươi bảy, bedwar deg s
just a refresher from a birthday-related perspective (via kakorama over here)
  • rabbit ... from chinese astrology, from aztec astrology
  • scorpio ... from my zodiac sign - and earlier this year in february, some read my chart. snippets include rising sun libra, moon in aries at 20th degree in the 7th house. check out
  • sorb tree ... from celtic astrology
happy birthday (also) ...
reggie and tanya!


    1. Well, that's what I get for posting a comment at 3:23 am. I thought you had turned 46 yesterday, which of course can't be true cuz: (1) you're a year ahead of me, and (2) your b'day is on the 31st, which is today. So, as I sit down to my breakfast of steamed pile of crow and someone's shorts, I wish you a happy 47th bidet!

    2. stupidicus... what a treat! thanks SOOO much for the 47th bidet greeting (you are hilarious). i got a back-to-back birthday greeting from you! that's a first for anyone... xoxo from moronicus

    3. Did you check this out?

    4. LOVE THIS!! I'm going to search out special 51 things right now! Thanks for reminding me that we are still in our prime!


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