Monday, November 1, 2010

nutshell: october 2010

1st monthly recap ... this month i decided to be more diligent about posting and (re)posting from past blogs' entries. because of the random order of topics (well ... maybe except for weekend fiber breaks and bonus fiber breaks), for my own reminiscing-ish, nutshell will be recaps at the end of each month.

on transforming ... i read blogs and pass my time in a variety of ways.
on pop culture and nostalgika ... stuff pops in my head and often is pop culture and nostalgika. cubeopolis life ... cubeopolis (aka where i work) started way back in late 2007, and this month, i reminisced about 2007 comments from friends and former clients after joining the traditional work force, i shared a fiber break about work critters, and someone was chilean miner for halloween.

going to happy places ... just because i gotta get something outta my head and i'll enjoy revisiting it, i post random stuff.
food stuff ... i socialize over food, so a few places to share - a little about my love for mr and mrs miscellaneous ice cream, the fun psycho donuts in the southern bay area, hukilau in san jose for hawaiian food, san diego's south park's vagabond kitchen, and if i work late, aperto in potrero hill is an option.

it's november!


  1. Shirl, if you like Tyler T.'s writing, he often comments on Get Rich Slowly - definitely writes some of the best kick-ass comments on there.
    If you happen to see comments from "Single Mom Rich Mom" on there, that's my other blog. :-)

  2. @jacq ... thanks so much for the tip, esp. for letting me know about your other blog. visit you soon, again!


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