Tuesday, November 30, 2010

getting my design fix ...

vicariously ... on-line (and when i lived in san diego, thanks to tanya at artefact for my fix). just a few thoughts for now.

the art of the shiv (dangerous beauty)
... back in 2006, that's when my love affair with design observer (over here) started. after looking at eleven images of various shivs (slideshow) and bopping around design observer, i became hooked. i believe it was just that i could feed my interest in design - public space, home stuff, typography, non-engineery-geek-stuff.

side bar: sometimes when i think shiv (or shank), i am reminded of a friend who was in calipatria. (my friend? yes, he committed a crime or two.) you ask, "cali-wha ...?" the center for land use interpretation (over here) lists calipatria's maximum security prison (over here) and has this to say about visitor info:
"Like most prisons, it can be visited through proper channels, by either arranging a press tour, having relatives to visit there, or by commiting a crime. Public roads surround the facility, which is said to have a high-voltage electric perimeter fence. On Blair Road, northeast of downtown Calipatria."
the glass house conversations ... i suppose i came across the glass house conversations (over here) because of a @designobserver tweet some time before summertime '10. from the website's about seciton -
"The Conversations website extends this tradition. It investigates what makes a conversation. Blending the boundaries of inside versus outside, public versus intimate, and host versus guest, it’s intended to extend the Glass House conversations to a more public forum. Each Monday, a host posts a provocation. People have only five days to respond. The boundaries of the conversation are set to just one week, ending on Friday evenings. After comments have closed a “Final Word” is chosen from the replies."
provocative discussions, indeed ... i've enjoyed reading through the discussions. often, many discussions are not directly related to my cubeolopis, but every once in a while, there is a discussion that does have some cubeopolistic bent. this happened in august.

shortly after an "all hands" meeting to showcase accomplishments and recognize cubesters during an awards ceremony, one of the conversations - do you think it is more important for leadership to value transparency or clarity? - piqued my interest. and then are other conversations that cut across any discipline - if you had to choose between a pencil, a knife, or a hammer as the only tool you could ever own, which would you choose and why? and interestingly enough, this week's conversation is a topic that also has piqued my interest - are millennials forging a distinct new design ethos? will catch up with some cubesters and see what they think.

side bar: i am contemplating starting in cubeopolis a glass house conversation style group - enviromental-related discussions.

risd (rhode island school of design) ... for obvious reasons (over here). and the president of risd, john maeda, is tweeting @johnmaeda, and he blogs at creative leadership (over here).

ahhh ... fix is good.

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  1. I too enjoy Design Observer, but they (he? she?) tweet too often. Unless they are somehow owned by Costco, quantity should not be their bag.

    To answer the question, I'll give it the old State College Try:

    I'd choose a knife of course. Why?

    There is a terrible 1980's song called "cut like a knife." You won't find some hariband exercising their poorly developed vocal chords about a hammer. Also, I don't need a pencil, I'll write with my Android phone.

    Yes there is some song from the 1960's about "if I had a hammer." I don't know all the words but I think there is a tragic ending where the singer completes the song with a line like "I'd smash you in the face" or similar.

    Bill N in Vermont

  2. @billn ... THANKS(!) so much for visiting girl nutkin!!!

    yes, i'd say DO ODs, however, it's nice to know there is not a loss for reading material. (silver lining?)

    i've never answered the question with any form of analysis, however, i initial reaction was knife. y'think it's shiv related?


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