Saturday, November 13, 2010

f|break: saturday morning

books ... i read them, (re)read them, loan them out, and leave them in public places.

david sedaris books ... i own them, read them, (re)read them, loan them out, listen to some of them, and haven't left them in public places. don't know him? really?! learn a little over here, listen to a few past readings on npr over here and on the recent book, and choose to agree (or disagree) with others' reviews of his most recent book - la times, npr, powell's, and the guardian.

a little fiber break (a tad over 30 seconds)
appetizer (over here)

enjoy your fiber break (of ~5+ min) with david sedaris
on jon stewart's the daily show (over here)
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David Sedaris
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"... snail ..."

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