Sunday, November 21, 2010

second chance season ... epi 2

the fashion show ultimate show ... finished episode 2. last week's quotable was "oh, here go hell come" and this week's may be david's "i love vagina." nevertheless, following the lead from epi1 (over here), here is how epi2 shook out ...
  • david dust ... always THE clever-est and funnest read for recaps. (click the image to the right for dust's the fashion show ultimate collection posts) his episode 2 "just another dramatic asian queen" recap - over here - it's quite often about his monikers, little quips, clever quotes, and all around fun.
    • monikers - hathead mike, "straight" david, team vanity syx, team emerald psychos, house of screaming banshees, Team CalJeffCinNessaEtc, mt. calvin, House of Cute Papis Plus That White Girl Minus The MadHatter, House of Constant Bickering, House of STFU Already.
    • love the references - NotAtlas, NotMood, NotParsons.
    • little gem - "Basically it boils down to this: Tamara’s dress was ASS, and Calvin’s personality is ASS (how’s THAT for a recap?)."

  • project rungay ... tom and lorenzo are quite prolific with their commentaries and insights. (click the image to the right for TLo's the fashion show ultimate collection posts) just want the epi 2 related posts - over here (and T LOunge for epi2). i do agree that epi 2 is keeping my interest.
    • monikers - red rum twins, little morris day, team menudo, house of emerald sux.
    • little gem - "It's just that Cesar's a sweetheart and Calvin's an angry attention whore."

  • racked ... enjoyed my visit here. liking the snark so far. (click the image to the right for racked's the fashion show ultimate collection posts) epi 2 "the douche craps out, the drama queen gets shifted" recap with the top 10 moments - over here. (totally warming up to this top 10 list that racked does)
    • moniker - the LA asshole (david dust's hathead mike).
    • little gem - "hyper-literal collection of shiny blood red Christmas card portrait dresses paired with a litany of asinine boleros"
until the next dvr'd episode ...

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